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DarkLordKhan's Arts

Hey, y'all! I'm Sam, and I've been making urealms fan art since the first campaign, before I even had an account on anything. I've never been very social media savvy, but during season one I finally worked up the courage to start posting some art online. And I remember being just blown away by the responses people gave me. Everybody's always been super nice about my art, even back in those days when I starting posting when my art was . . . sub-par, to say the least.

But I think I'm known most for my comics, particularly this one from Roamin's Band of Thieves:

I remember that was one of the moments that really got me hooked on urealms. Improv comedy and storylines and RPGs? It's like everything I love combined.

Although I feel like my art has improved, that's still probably my favorite urealms comic I've ever made. But I'll also share the second URL comic I made, which is a story from Roamin's infamous Unseen Rogues bard. I wasn't really good at scripting, so it may be a little hard to follow. I also wasn't confident enough to use color yet.

I believe that comic was also the first thing that I ever made using photoshop. I've definitely learned a lot through the art I've made for this show.

I think this was the first ever "fan art" thing I posted. Not sure if it's art, but I wanted to capture one of my favorite moments--Phineas's rant in Sunswords (which is still one of my favorite campaigns of all time, #teamPhineas)

I think I made it on some dumb phone app, but it still brings back the memories.

But I suppose the first ever true art piece that I posted (although I'd made sketches before that I'd never posted) was this Kinney:

I've got a lot of art like this from about a year and a half ago, and it's honestly weird to look back at it, because my style and technique has changed A LOT since then.
October, 2015 was a month of improvement, as I made one inked drawing a day. Most of them I can hardly look at now, but here are a few that I still like, even if it's just for that hand-drawned, half-anatomically correct charm:

A game of D&--er, a game of Urealms!
I always loved the moment where Virgo presses A to jump.
I kind of tried to do a cross-hatching thing here. It sort of worked? Well, here's the full album of that month's drawings, if you're curious to see more of my old stuff:

More comics! Here's one from Porc Hunters. With every comic I made, I was always taking one more "risk" to try to improve at some aspect of drawing. My biggest thing with this one was that I tried to do the bubbles by hand, and it returned some interesting results. But here's an argument about elven promotions:

Looking back, I still had a lot of awkward line work in that comic, but I did start to further understand a bit more of how things actually looked. I'm still working on a lot of anatomy--it's especially been a focus of mine the past few months.
This was the first comic I made without doing any shading by pen irl, but I still didn't have a drawing tablet for all of these, so it involved a lot of mouse maneuvering, and provided mixed results, but here's the first time we hear a song famous throughout the realm:

Aside from comics, I've also done a few things with urealms music. After season one, I made a compilation of my own fan songs and the canon urealms music, which you can find here:
For something more recent, here's my cover of Hopin' for Bopen. I've made sheets to this that I'll release soon, but I still have to figure out some stuff with the dumb file type.

I've also made some portraits of URL characters, which have helped me improve my realism.

Done with colored pencil, Lola from Okagnoma Guild Hall cleaning her sword after killing a bullogre:

Here's another portrait of a bearded Thea Mazing:

So my favorite URL character is PHINEAS BARRINGSTER, MASTER CABALIST, so I've been drawing him throughout the years. I watched that sweet elf boy go insane. But going back through my Phineas drawings really does show my progression while watching Urealms.

Here's the first Phineas drawing, I think drawn even before I had any social media. He's delivering some cookies very innocently.

And here was an October 2015 drawing I made of him, after he went insane. I remember this drawing a lot because it was the first time I was significantly noticed in the community, and it really motivated me to make more art.

The dramatic over-the-shoulder look!
I drew him again later that October, casting FIREBALLLL

Oh, yes, I love anatomy!
January of 2016 is when I really started getting serious about art--also when I made my first colored comic. I had just gotten my Copics, and used Phineas to test them out.

I still quite like this drawing, although there is a lot that could be improved.
This next one I think is from late spring of 2016. After I started using Photoshop more, and after the sidequest with Reginald, I made a Barringster group portrait:

I also still like this one, but I would also like to remake it now that I have a drawing tablet.
And finally, I made this portrait of Phineas earlier this year. I'd been doing a lot of studies and I really improved, and it's one of my favorite pieces of art I've ever made.

I hope you enjoyed that art dump! This community has really fostered my progression, so I must give a large thanks for all of the support I've been given throughout the years, and I'm really excited for all of the art and comics to come this summer!


  • Wow! To see how far you've come from your first artworks is amazing. I guess dedication and hard work pays off! Awesome job as always.
  • its blows my mind to see how much youve improved! i love seeing your pregression and your realism is gorgeous. i cant wait to see how amazing youll get  
  • :wow: This is amazing! You improved so much through your works, it was awesome to see just how much you did. I can't wait to see more of your stuff in the future! :)
  • Goddamn this is still the most awesome sample of epic progression.
    You've improved so much and its just awesome to see your style shine!
  • I remember seeing some of these. they're still awesome. 
  • Keep up the great work!
  • This is too good. We share favorites, the initial "combat has started", the very first canon one was too great. I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Love the comic book style for your artwork!
  • Oh man, your art is amazing!  I just adore that last Phineas one. Can't wait to see what you do next  :)
  • Man, Khan, your improvement over time is definitely noticeable--this is a good thing, because if you keep going at this rate with already amazing quality at this moment... ooo-weee. You nail the comic style really well, and the portraits are probably my favorite; they're just so clean! Keep it up, my man!
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    It's amazing how fast and how much you have improved. (I wish I could say the same for myself :frown:) The realism pieces are fantastic. Great job! :smile: 
  • Amazing work!
  • Khan i wish i could give you a cookie. those are amazing!  :3
  • Sam I've told you this before but JEEEZ that Phineas is so good and it 100% looks like Ross from the game grumps
  • Wow I feel like I was on a rollercoaster ride, it was so cool to see all the different art! :wow: Can't wait to see more!
  • Really awesome progression, and it was fun to read your comments on them. I also liked your music!
  • That was really awesome, the progression you made was really visible and your art got even better. I really like the comics makes me relive all the campaigns  :)
  • I always loved the little ice elemental that you depicted :wow: Keep up the great work!
  • "Combat has started" :smilebold: I love looking at some of the fan art and remembering these great moments. Keep doing what you do :heart: 
  • Your art is amazing. I particularly like the comics and hope you continue to make them because they are very funny! Thank you for putting time in to making cool fan art.
  • And this is why you'll always be the master of Urealms comics... :heart: 
  • Man this artwork is spot on keep up the amazing work.
  • Thanks for sharing.  The work was so well done and I loved the time line you went through.
  • Absolutely amazing! I love your style, keep on going!
  • Too amazing. Must hide in shame.
  • This community is undoubtedly one of the more talented ones, and you're certainly no exception! Damn, do I feel lucky to be a part of it. :D
  • Wow gotta bookmark this thread. Just too much awesome stuff to scroll through quickly. I will enjoy examine all the details. Also great for re-experiencing some of the best moments. 
    You improved so much! Keep it rolling!
  • Thank you so much everyone! I plan to make many more comics from this upcoming season. You all are huge motivation to keep improving, and I'm super grateful for that. :smile: 
  • *throws gold and adoration in an attempt to praise the almighty DarkLord who has graced us with their magnificence* :wow: 
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