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Everyone should go read Rob's comment on his "Lonely Party - 외로운 파티" video.

I watched the video just thinking it's another one of Rob's silly meme videos but then I read his comment and it reminded me how much dedication this guy has to his fans and his work. From the sounds of things he managed to make a setup test a 9 hour stream of entertainment for 300 people even though he had no obligation and new he would make almost nothing from it. But yeah y'all should go read the whole post for yourselves.


  • Rob is an absolute inspiration to me. I anticipate all of his projects with glee to see what hilarious new thing he can come up with next, and although I'm not old enough to support him in any fiscal way yet, I absolutely plan to once I have the ability, for the joy he brings me through the projects he makes and the shows that he runs have provided me with a priceless amount of joy and imagination. Thank you Rob for being the catalyst to bring all of us together, and thank you for everything!
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