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worst game you ever played (Ironically or unironically.)

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Since I always have a strange fascination for crap, I decided to make this so we can share the crappiest video games or board games we've ever touched.
Go ahead, make our day.


  • Urealms Live 2: Electric Boogaloo  
  • Ark: Survival Evolved. Literally no computer expect a fucking Titan can play that thing. I refunded it after 2 minutes because of how god-awful it's optimized. Even on the lowest settings i was getting MAYBE 2 FPS max.
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    @neoreaperxiiii Thats a good choice

    I will say for my vote of worst game...
    Who here has heard of the LFD2 ripoff travesty "revelations 2012"?
  • MK vs DC
  • @sgtslow ah, I can agree with that one too lol
  • @flavor_town_reloaded Yeah, I got fucking bluescreens up the wazoo and I cant play during the winter because 'OOOOH ITS TOO COLD"
  • Arctic Tale for the Nintendo Wii. When I traded in a bunch of my games to Gamestop they declined taking this one because even they didn't want it.
  • @ggwrw ah, a movie licensed game.
    Its like a curse, theres few good movie licensed games and theres few good game licensed movies lol
  • Maplestory.
    I watched it die and I can never again feel love for that game. Damn you, Nexon.
  • Controversially, I'm gonna have to go with WoW. I mean, I know tons of people who still enjoy it, and it did corner its market for a reason. That said, I used up a ton of spare time with no real reward for it, nor any sense of satisfaction. Once I hit the levelcap, there wasn't anything to do that interested me. I could solo a lot of dungeons thanks to my Hunter build, PvP was never high on my list of fun pastimes, and I'd finished the main plotline. So i just kinda gave up after a while. Again, the game itself is functionally and aesthetically just fine. But I invested a good long while into it for little to no sense of accomplishment.

    TL,DR: WoW isn't my cup of tea, so I qualify it as the worst game I've played. Especially because I intentionally stay away from games that are supposedly shite~
  • @Astora I know your feelings and im here for you if you want to talk about it.
  • @Arkanite It surprises me that you said that you didnt have anything to do after you reached level cap because for me the game only began when i reached it because i could do raids and shit
  • @Mordez Well see, that's the thing: I'm not a social person. Sure, I was in a guild, and made friends in it, but I'm not the type of person to just randomly hang out with people without a purpose. And once you're at level cap, the purpose of raids and PvP are recursive. if you succeed, you get rewards. What do you use the rewards for? To be more likely to win the next one. It's just a cycle of no real payoff, no real reward. I wasn't nearly good enough friends with my guildies to want to raid just for their company, regardless of in-game payoff, so I just failed to have any interest at that point.

    I'm just a solo player by nature, what can I say?
  • Minecraft the worst/best game I've ever played.
  • Any table top game that my parents tried to force me to they could be cool. They always stress how much it sucked being a geek when they were young. Hey, at least they try I guess. :peace: 
  • Worst game I played. The Movie license games are really bad... most recently How to Train your dragon 2 the video game. It was bad. Though I also own Duke Nukem Forever. So, yeah that's a thing.
  • @insane2201 Surprised you havent destroyed it.
    @arkanite Strange, thats what I was thinking about, at this point WoW has just been so freaking milked to death and theres now waayyy better mmos when it comes to combat and gameplay, I always hated WoWs combat because you just stand around spamming smite (I should know, having once been a 78 priest XD)
  • @ewanme99 I've given up on MMOs personally. Not because of WoW; the last one I played was ESO, especially since I was admitted as a beta-tester. But in that game, I also broke the system a little. Dungeon's meant for a party of five, I clear it solo, in both beta and the full game. That, and ESO's whole "You are the chosen one!" storyline doesn't work when there are ungoldy numbers of people running around on the same quest. So now I'm pretty much single-player only. Except Overwatch.
  • Club penguin. Am I allowed to put Club Penguin on here? Well it was definitely a great game, until they ruined it, but at one point, definitely top tier gameplay. They just HAD to go and ruin my favorite game ever didn't they!
  • @arkanite Ah that one... The muddiest damn elder scrolls graphics ever.

    @tinybomby Feels bad man. *Hugs*

  • @ewanme99 I own it, so if I ever have a friend that looks at my collection and is like "what game would you suggest" I'd point at it and laugh to myself.
  • @insane2201 Good point lol, i've always wanted to own a REALLLY crappy game, but the worst best game I have is revelations 2012, trust me when I say its a masterpiece of fuckery.
  • I've played Bubsy 3D. Not a fun experience.
  • @helium Holy crap, you've actually played that which could only be forged in the blackest, most horrific pits of mount doom?
  • Chilly Willy. No one wins. :(

    Serious answer, I recently played a shovelware Steam asset flip platformer called "Bayla Bunny" as part of a 25 games for 1 dollar deal. It is such an ungodly terror of a game that it has "Psychological Horror" as a steam tag.
  • @ewanme99 I won't pretend to have finished it. I don't think anyone even knows what the ending is. I just played it for half an hour at a cousin's house. Anyway, I thought the true Mt. Doom forged shitstorm is called 'E.T the Extra-Terrestrial'.
  • @Helium Well yes, but as time goes on, the unholy scum that is that game has coalesced into a hard coprolite, buried beneath the fresh loads of dung flung at us from the various sources of evil game design. It lives on as a fossilized piece of nasty, but isn't necessarily known to all anymore...and gods, I sound older than I am.
  • Final fantasy VIII.This is the recent shit i have played because i have been on a Final Fantasy been ever since the zodiac age remake.
     I LOVED the leveling system and how easily you can break the game but i hate the story it is so nonsencical. Like the chances of the whole cast coming from the same damn orphanage and also how they where able to escape being lost in time through the power of fucking friendship (like come on this isn't fairy tail).I hate cloud's archetype characters and squall was just basically just a copy of cloud but with better development and non of the characters were compelling except for Selphie.
  • @helium Theres plenty of games that can be considered such a horrible nightmare, but yeah, I dont blame you for not beating it XD
    @azurilkirby Just looked it up, christ, is it the same people that made bad rats? Looks like it.
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