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A placeholder Peasant class card

edited September 2017 in Custom Cards, and Assets
Original Version (based on the Peasant attribute)
custom card

New Version (based on "The Purge" character creation)
custom card

I was messing around with character creation, and when I got the peasant attribute, it somewhat bugged me that the class slot was left open because of it. So, I thought i'd make a peasant card to fill the slot, and decided to share it on the forms too in case anyone else wanted to use it too.

- The card is intended to be used alongside the peasant attribute. As such, it does not have the stamina or gold that other classes have
- The card uses the same art as the Dreamweaver because the character in the art (Borris Cobbler) was originally a Peasant before gaining his Dreamweaver abilities


  • I was just thinking we needed something to fill that gap. Looks good!
  • oh nice! and maybe some people can choose to play peasant then! (think of it an all peasant campaign)
  • @TheIr0nKn1ght i just had that idea. What i did was gave it 400 gold 10 stamina and in tabletop imma draw 12 random Companion abilities until i use all of them to make different peasant classes each time. So you never know what peasant you get.
  • @Dolfinmaster ;Now that sounds like FUN!!!, now if we could just get them to use that class for there next drunk quest....
  • Well, with most of the players being peasants in this week's campaign, I think this thread is more relivant than ever!
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