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Welcome to the Help Desk

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"The help desk? What is this chapter about?"

"Honestly Phineas I am not sure! It seems to be a place where one old god can ask another old god for help of some sorts. Why such godly beings would need assistance is beyond me. The realm of the unknowns truly is a curiosity!"

"Huh. Maybe they can help me with my problem professor."

"Oh and what problem would that be Phineas?

"I wanna change my name to Huckleberry Phin!"

"No name changes."


  • Rob
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    This is a place where users who are having any problems with the forums can ask a question! While this is not a place for asking Rob questions about the game (see here for the FAQ) and this is not a place where you should ask questions directed at certain cast or staff members of the URealms team, anything else is pretty much acceptable to be asked here. If you aren't sure if you can ask a question here, ask it anyway as this place is here to help lost users.

    Now onto some common questions about the Forums!

    Q: How can I change my Avatar?
    A: You can change your avatar in your Profile on the forums or Account on the website. Both are found in the top right of the forums. You will need at least 1000 gold to buy any of the Avatars, but luckily we give new users that much gold when signing up!

    Q: What is gold for and how do I earn it?
    A: Gold is used only for the forum avatar system. All the avatars on the website are of Characters from the URealms live show and game. You can some unlock avatars for free by watching a campaign live, but in general you will need to save up for a few months to get some of the more expensive avatars. You earn 100  gold every day when you visit the website and roll for gold and 5 gold for the first time you click a Gilded Thread. You can also donate to live campaigns where every dollar you donate gives you 100 gold, but honestly you can unlock almost every avatar we have by just visiting the website every day for a few months so don't feel like you need to donate to get cool avatars! You can see your gold in your Account page on the website.

    Q: What is a Gilded Thread
    A: The URealms Staff here have the ability to gild threads making them shiny and gold. You can see one here in the Help Desk as The Rules thread is gilded. The first time you click a gilded thread you will be given 5 gold. The purpose of gilded threads are to allow us to highlight some of the more interesting things created in the forums as new users will be more inclined to look at cool fan art, click rules threads, and appreciate some of the awesome parts of our community in their quest to get sweet avatars. Please do not ask for your thread to be gilded as this is only a tool the staff of the website wish to use for specific purposes.

    Q: What is this number by my Avatar? What is EXP?
    The number by your Avatar is your Level and is an indicator of how invested you are in the URealms Liveshow. This number indicates how many votes you get during one of the live Divine Decisions allowing you to have a bigger chance to participate and control the direction of the show. If you do not watch the show live, this number has no purpose for you and you shouldn't pay too much attention to it. You earn 150 EXP every day you visit the website and roll for XP and can earn massive amounts of EXP if you donate to any of the supporter events or show up to watch the campaigns live. Each liveshow campaign earns EXP as the cast defeat monsters and the community unlock events so the best way to level up is to simply come out to a live show or donate the week before it airs if you mostly watch on youtube. You also earn 10 EXP for every dollar you donate which can add to your level a bit, but honestly we wanted leveling to be more about showing up to live shows and supporting them. In general, a liveshow can be worth anywhere from 2000 to 4000 EXP, so if you want to have the biggest impact on the direction of the overarching story of URealms Live be sure to come to see as many live shows as possible! You can see your Level in your Account page on the website.

    Q: What is this rolling for EXP/Gold people are talking about?
    If you goto your profile here, you should have a big button that says Claim your Rewards where you can collect some XP and Gold for the day. You get 100 gold and 150 XP as well as a bonus equal to a random D20. If you manage to roll a 20 you get a bonus 50 gold and XP. This timer resets every day at Midnight EST.

    Q: What is a Divine Decision?
    In URealms Live, you the viewers are the old gods. It is because of your support that this game, live show, and website even exist and so you have the power to choose certain directions for the URealms Live to take through a massive raffle. During the breaks of the Liveshow, a Divine Decision may pop up that allows members of the community to vote in one of two ways. At the end of the break, the votes will be shown on the live stream, with what percentage everyone voted for and then a single vote will be drawn and that one community member will ultimately decide the answer to this powerful question. Community members can have more votes in the raffle by increasing their level here on the forums simply by being engaged in the community and showing up to lots and lots of live shows!
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