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How was your day?

Mine was absolutely fantastic


  • 10/10 had chicken nuggers
  • I'm pretty tired. 
  • Pretty good, I could've studied more for my Calculus exam but instead I went and watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Whoopsie... I should really go to bed too...
  • Just realized I have a spanish final tomorrow and I forgot my textbook at school. RIP
  • Pretty good, streamed Persona 5 on twitch, got some awesome followers and a tip. 10/10
  • My day was absolutely fantastic, and I hope everyone who reads this has the same.
  • Took an SAT yesterday, wanna die, so... pretty good 
  • Was pleasantly surprised to wake up and find my sprained ankle felt good enough to walk on. Then to celebrate I sat at my computer desk and browsed the forums all day.
  • I meant to be productive today, but spent it on here instead. No regrets.
  • My day was good, I just saw the new guardians of the galaxy and it was pretty good. 
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    I just woke up, but i hope it will be good!

    Update: The day has started pretty good!
  • It will probably be good, gonna go to the doctor for a medical check 
  • Great day. Got to go to this sort of fancy invite-only clothing sale and bought the absolute gaudiest shirt there.
  • Have a nice useless 1 lesson school day like almost every day in my schedule coming 10 weeks, so that's pretty good. But I get to cook tonight, gonna think about a yummy healthy meal for me and my brother.
  • Pretty good, hyped that this website was launched. 

    Roll for hype! 
  • just got up. made a profile and got this little Cutie as my avi. so all and all im amazing <3 thanks for asking love.
  •  so far its a 7, its going good
  • I'm glad to see that most everyone in this forums are having good days for those of you with finals good luck I hope you all do well in your adventures. I too am having a pretty good day
  • 5/10. I'm at work but I'm messing around here so it evens out.
  • Very good :) I found the cards released. I'm enjoying reading them with some music in the background. Some (honestly, most) cards are gold. Chosen death  chosenending from sharpsword (which I love that it is a real class) is amazing, as well as many others.
  • A solid 10/19, just won 31 dollars off of scratch tickets (these tickets were bought using 15 dollars worth of scratch tickets, which I also won)
  • Got 94% on my maths exam after being told I didn't make the cut so day went from 1/10 in one class 
  • Was really nervous before heading off to work today that my day would not be good as a result of work related things. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case! Best day in a while. :D
  • I had a good day surprise roll
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