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What/ Who is Bopen REALLY?

   Just spit-ballin' here, but what if Bopin is really the remnants of Golestandt's sentience? The Birth of Magic fucked up EVERYONE! Golestandt went feral after that we do know, but what if it actually fractured his mind LITERALLY. So there's the raging dragon of death breathing roaming the realms, but what would happen to his "soul" "essence"?
   What I'm thinkin' here is that Golestandt's soul wandered and lost track of what he was, latched onto the nearest thing and started a new identity. But it's still the core Golestandtness so he's still going to be a big showoff and KNOW he's a God.


  • Well, in Urealms anything is possible! Of course Golestandt and Bopen already have a lot in common. Like you said, both are indeed showoffs and of course they both have the ageless connection, and I think they both have similar color schemes. And if Bopen was really just a fragmented part of Golestandt's soul(or whatever you'd call it), it would explain why Bopen can survive having his skull broken, and it would explain the bones in the wrong places that Phineas commented on in the teaser video. He is just a soul or spirit or wisp - ethereal - that uses bones to have a physical form.
  • Im still firmly convinced that Bopen is a golem made of bone.

  • I believe Bopen utilized Arcane magic, did he not? I would think that at least the Dragon of Dark Magic himself would limit himself to the magic of his type.

    Not that that is hard proof or anything, just how I think about it.
  • Someone else has mentioned to me that Bopen might be a believer. I assumed that the Bopen story was based off of the real Bopen who reigned terror elsewhere. But maybe Bopen really was a fictional story, which then got possessed by a believer during the Fall of Duddinborough and assembled its physical body from the bones of the royals. I'm not sure if a believer can even be as strong as him, though.

    It seems his strength has something to do with that gold golem (Samuel?). If you remember in Skeleton King, Bopen is the only one who collects gold. When Coe told him that they'd have to pay Ghostblades, Bopen was a bit reluctant because he had to, and I quote, "feed the beast".
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    I figured he was one of the children (cause there were three) that Golestandt gave deadbone's character this week. It makes sense considering how rob reacted to the 1. And it would literally make him the son of Golestandt.

    Just a theory though.

  • I remember on reddit someone posted a rather detailed hypothesis about Bopen being the actual sword and the skeleton a puppet. It seems more likely especially with the events of this campaign and Phinieas' remarks. Not to mention Dundenburrow. 
  • @CongenialVirus The part when Bob touches the sword and the sword reacts by itself kinda supports that theory as well.
  • I'm not sure Bopen can be a believer since in The Skeleton King he was stopped by the Sandbolds' time magic.
  • going off of what @CongenialVirus says while I agree that the skeleton is a puppet IMO it seams like he is more of just a gold golem rather than specifically the sword. The fact that he was able to move around and function without his sword (which presumably would be the source of his senses) tells me that its tied closer to his body ie all the gold on it including his crown and clothing.

    In addition to this we have not seen where all the gold he collects goes as deadlantis obviously is not where his gold goes.

    Not sure how gold golems work in the show, but my assumption is there is some form of core that requires more gold to keep running and would be the weak point.

    The reason he referenced "feeding" the beast is possibly because his core is in the belly of the beast and he is pouring gold into the beast for him to absorb.
  • Those are all interesting. I like the idea of him being the sword due to his freak out at Bob. Though it could also be something along the lines of the sword being the only thing that could kill him.
  • Also lets not forget that when Phineas punches him, the magical arcane aura that is Bopen go flying back and the bones just drop. And then the magic aura comes back and retakes the bones. To me it is clear that Bopen is not those bones, but I cant tell if he is the sword, or the aura itself. A personal theory of mine is that Bopen is indeed his sword, and the reason that sword is so powerful is because it was made using the ring (from the song poem thing) in the Fall of Dundinborough.
  • @Gent I would think that a believer can be any bit as powerful as described in the text it came from.
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    I tend to come to the conclusion that Bopen is some sort of Greater Lich.  

    -spends hundreds, if not thousands of years collecting crews/building an army of undead
    -seemingly impossible to destroy permanently: the body just reforms when it appears "defeated"
    -very powerful magic user
    -collects valuable treasure, gold, and magical items for personal power (as in his literal power) to compile in secrecy 
    -likes to worm his way into higher scale politics
    -claims to be a religious figure to his followers

    I would think that perhaps the sword is his phylactery, though it would be rather unwise to carry a phylactery out in the open and so close to his person, considering the lich's soul is destroyed when the phylactery is destroyed. 
  • the skeleton version of Bopen might not be the real Bopen, but a vessel/puppet that the real Bopen is using to interact with the world! that would explain why he can't really get hurt why he could switch his skull and why he can fly and manipulate his body so easily, but thats just a random ide
  • @Gyrozen Then that's just kind of.....dumb? Any old person can just write a book about this monster that destroys everything and the world would be fucked. I would hope that, if he is a believer, there's some sort of deeper secret to it all. We already know believers can't cast dragon magic, at the very least.

    Your Lich idea makes enough sense, I suppose. I don't think there's any reason to assume typical fantasy lore will be applicable to URealms, though. If he is a Lich, I wouldn't think he'd have the same weaknesses as the one we're familiar with.
  • Think the better question might be who was bopen? did he ever have a human form or is he just pure dark magic?
  • @Gent I don't know why you think it's about balance.  A believer is what a believer is.  It will be as weak or strong as the character described is.
  • @Gyrozen That just gets a bit too silly, and kind of boring as far as character development goes. 
  • @Gyrozen So, since I think Phineas is essentially Arthas Menithil, would that make Bopen Kel'Thuzad (my favorite WarCraft Character)?
  • Here are my opinions on all the major theories about Bopen I have seen.

    He is a believer: I find this one unlikely for a one major reason he was stopped by time magic, while admittedly it could be a new form of time magic or Rob made a mistake by having Bopen there and simply forgot, both of those I consider less likely.

    He is a remnant of Golestandt's sentience: This is super interesting and possible, not only would it explain his immense power, it makes semi sense within the lore of the world, the biggest issue I have is we don't exactly know how that would work. Outside of that his personality fits semi well, though Bopen is a showoff, he is significantly more ruthless and cruel then the old dragon aspect so that is a hiccup

    A child of a Golestnadt: I consider this similar to the one above and while I view this more likely at this point I much prefer the one above as it is so cool from a story perspective

    He is a golem: I view this as extremely unlikely, and I have no idea why people would think about this, like who made him?

    He is the sword/ring: Possible but still doesn't explain his power
  • Maybe this is reaching far but maybe he's the grandchild of Golestandt? As in the child of King Rohbear and Divine Child Layla? I don't really have anything to prove this just that the vision of their wedding happened close to the vision of Bopen's sword being constructed.
  • He could be the ring that he used to own. It's not on his body, so he's controlling himself from a ring hidden somewhere in the world.
  • I was under the impression that he was a construct made by a powerful bone dancer and that's how he survived the skull break and could control other people's BOOONESSSSS...
  • I have 3 theories (arranged by possibility IMHO):
    1 -  the sword one.
    2 -  the crown on his head(it's always there) is connected to a pocket dimension and the real Bops is on the other side.
    3 - believer one.
  • I have the best theory, and it's self-explanatory: Bopen is actually Crendor!
  • Wait what if with the Golestandt theory the magical ora from his bones is from Golestandt's mind. Also arcane last time i checked is from Golestandt.
  • @42:41 in The Senate of Deadlantis - Episode 8

    Bopen claims "i have killed one of my own. And I will kill the other 5."

    Not sure If this was discussed already, but could he be a dragon? and could he be the reason that Phanto had died? 
  • @iggyjeckel it could be the high council or maybe just the active threatening sun swords.
  • @iggyjeckel He could be talking about the heads of the main Elven houses. There were 6 of them, and he killed Virgo... He could also be talking about the original elves, those made shortly after Rohbear and Nader.
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