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Pebble Boys

Be a small child. You live in a happy home with a loving family. 
It's Taco Tuesday, your mom is making tacos, your favorite food!
You eat a bunch of tacos, and you go outside to use the outhouse because there was a lot of sauce in the tacos.
You hear a noise. Think to yourself: "Oh god I hope a wolf isn't outside, hopefully it doesn't know I'm here."
The doorhand starts jiggling.
What the fuck.
A bunch of fucking skeletons break into the outhouse and put you in a burlap sack and start running.
You're screaming your goddamn lungs out and pissing your potato sack pants.
After several hours you curl up into a fetal position and they dump you out of the bag.
They perform some ritual on you and your flesh melts off.
At this point, you've basically passed out.
You wake up tied to a piece of driftwood with an anchor going down to the bottom of the ocean.
Some skeleton pops out of the ocean and tells you to drop fucking pebbles down to him so he can count time.
You don't want this scary demon to eat your face, so you do it.
After weeks/months, you see a random boat and they also see you.
They send out a rowboat and you tell them everything that happened to you.
They just quietly leave you there and go full speed back to land.
a couple days later you see A LOT more boats coming and they have a lot of cannons. 
You wave and scream at these boats to help you.
They get really close, and you see an archer.
He immediately pops an arrow in your skull. You are dead.
Deadlantis is destroyed an hour later.


  • Sounds about right, they really fucked Deadlantis with this one. I don't feel that the ageless as they are now could win a war against the living.
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