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Campaign Thread: The Senate of Deadlantis.

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  • This is gonna be amazing! You guys are gonna KILL it!
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    BOOOOOOONES! I'm so hyped!
  • Cant wait rob I have been making characters while i wait for the campaign
  • SUPER HYPED!!!! 1pm needs to hurry up :(
  • Can't wait for the technical difficulties, it's my favorite part of the show. seriously hyped though  :)
  • Gonna be amazing!
  • ughhh I shouldn't have stayed up all night :p . Now I know what Rob feels like. Good luck Guys and have fun!
  • My headset is missing and I just got out of bed! This is the worst day ever! NOOOOO!!!!  :o
  • So looking at their character sheets, hoooooly fucking shit can deadbones go crazy with the minions. Let's say he and roamin both summon carps 8+9=17 then justin throws his behive 17+8=25 next turn DB can double that to 50 minions all under his control.
  • Finally get to see a show live again! Excited for a more role play focus like promised in Episode 0!
  • this role shall determine my hype
  • 5 gold hype
  • oh man role for hype
  • Boooonnnnneeeeessssss! Also  hype
  • i wont be able to join in the live stream, i have work and am on lunch break. But next week when the video gets posted onto Youtube I'm gonna binge watch them then!
  • Phineas just mindslaved Are'ani. This is insanity, and I'm loving it!
    In the words of Rawb: "THIS IS UNCHARTED TERRITORY!"
  • Just got to the stream right as Bob got mindslaved by Deadbones. Can someone give me a quick summary of everything so I'm caught up. Thanks :smile: 
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    Fun fact, with that gambling roll where if they had rolled a 1 everyone lost, they had a .95^16 chance to win (roughly .44% to succeed) so it wasn't as unlikely as Rob probably thought it was.
  • Ok so Auri and Denna are character names from Name of the Wind by Rothfuss and Vin is a character from Mistborn by Sanderson. I am wondering if this was intentional by Roamin or a coincidence
  • Boyfriend Quest Begins...
  • So could this be how Bopen was born? Goldestandt's children would be divine beings and they're going to die on birth...
  • Did Lious get his legendary? and if yes, what was it?
  • I think Deadbones' character is going to give birth to Bopen.
    That's terrifying.
  • Time for fantasy politics! The best kind of politics!
  • Fuck man, the Birth of Magic was rough. If I were an elf, I'd totally go ageless. Getting the chance to get a taste of the life before back would be totally worth it. #DownWiththeSunswords
  • @kilozombie that would be very interesting. I first thought that the final boss was going to be Bopen because of how Rawb laughed during the fight, but I like you idea more. 
  • I have never been so emotional watching Urealms before. The 2 first acts was hilarious, but the third one was so breathtaking to watch. I found it so believable. The characters and the birth of magic. I never expected it to be so bloody and chaotic. 
  • Best Campaign yet Rob! It's been one of if not the most hilarious campaigns in the beginning shift to a more emotional one later on. Also, Roamin for World Leader.
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