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If you could have one minor NPC played by a player, who would it be and who would play them?

I would like to see Finicky Doolips be played by Coe. I think there are a lot of great options for future characters in the Okagnoma Guild Hall campaign.


  • I don't know if this counts as a minor NPC, but I'd like to see Mikael Zankovich played by someone (other than DB) so that he can have more interactions with Vitali. I like their relationship, but when DB was controlling both he really just focused on Vitali- which I'm okay with because I love both characters, I just feel if someone else played Mikael the two characters would get a better chance to interact.
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    Does Duke Daring count? :p
    In all seriousness I'd love to see Heathera Stonemason being played.  She was such a great character, I felt and it would be nice to see that expanded upon.  And as far as the "Who" well she's already kind of owned by Coe, soooooo...
  • I would like to see Big Un' who was in the side quest Scrolls of the Sandbold played by Justin or Milbee
  • @cyberohero Heathera has been a favorite of mine since season 2 started. I love her outlook on life and she is so positive even though she is plagued by near death at any moment.
  • @thepaperpilot I think we might see him if we get a future Abracadab campaign.
  • Nikers Fontain, or Zack "cando" Condu

  • Jamboree from The Skeleton King would also be a fun character to play if we ever get a future pirate campaign. We know he committed mutiny in his past. I would like to know what made his mutiny justified according to Clott
  • The doomed daughter from wood carvers may be an interesting story to follow if she ever makes it to abrakadab
  • @heartgold3 Heathera is currently hunting down ageless and chasing Golestandt with Gwyneth, Kallark, and the Woodcarvers.

  • @polutropos I know but in like the way future, if she doesn't die along the way
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    @polutrops re: Mikael appearing in an abracadab campaign

    He went along with Gwyneth, Kallark, Vitali, and a bunch of the other woodcarvers to go fight the ageless, so he could also appear in an ageless campaign.

    Edit: Just realized polutrops already mentioned that the woodcarvers are chasing Golestandt when responding to heartgold3's comment about Heathera. My bad!
  • @thepaperpilot I think we might get him in a future Abracadab campaign because his deceased parents were wealthy factory owners there.
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