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Tell me your jokes or show me memes

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please tell me your best jokes or show me your best memes. I am in a desperate need for them (they don't have to be related to urealms)


  • What does a magician kolbold say when casting a spell?

    (I tried :ughmona: )
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    What do you call a stupid, dead, Porc?

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    what is the last thing that goes through a bugs mind when it hits a windshield?
    its butt.
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    Damn @Galeden
  • This one if from Fallout 4: A blind man walk into a bar,,, and a table,,,, and a chair
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    the Gm tells the pary that theres a bar up ahead.
    the party of dwarfs walk in to a bar.
    they all took 5 damage and the Gm sighed.

    so there's this pit in the dungeon that the party has to go down so the Gm asks "any of you guys got something for this or are you jumping"
    one of the players reply " I got soft rope will that work?"
    the Gm responds "well how may ft is it?"
    the player scrambles around saying "uhh I don't know it just said soft rope"
    "what do you mean"
    the Gm looks at the card and says "its not soft rope its 50ft of rope"
  • it is the tax that gets you

  • An elf, a dwarf, a kobold, and an ogre walk into a bar. The keen misses it.
  • What do you call a shaved kobold?
    A kobald!

    How do you describe elves?
    They are very elf-ish!

    If one skeleton has 207 bones, and another has 204 bones, then how man bones does the second skeleton have?
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