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What are you guys working on?



  • I'm currently writing a campaign for Urealms rules but I'm actually pretty nervous about GMing! Nobody I know really enjoys roleplaying or RPGs in general and I'm not really confident in myself talking to random people on the internet. I'm working towards getting over that though!
  • @Milk Well Hey Milk! It's alright! If you have any oopies, then play off of them! And your confidence is showing! I was nervous about my first post on here, but I got a ton of help, and then I've met quite a few people that I really enjoy talking to!
    If you ever want another mind to bounce ideas off of for your campaign I'd do my best to help out if you'd like! Or if you want to chat to another newish GM! I've only done three campaigns.. Although my first one changed about 3 times so it was more like Five campaigns.

  • @Milk it's fine to be nervous, I'm sure every GM on here has been scared half to death when they ran their first campaign, always remember: no matter how bad you think the game was, it's a success until a player tells you it sucks. And even then, if the rest of them liked it, you won! And I'm also sure most of us on here don't know anyone who knows about URealms in person, the two people I know who like it are my girlfriend's brother who I introduced to it, and an anonymous stalker who I'd rather not know. As far as your RPG player problem, try to find the geek/nerd group at your school/work and ask around! I'm sure there's at least four people who are in need of a good GM like yourself! Just remember: practice your GMing whenever you can, prep for every session, and pray to Ouro'ras (and K4) for a good game!
  • @Milk @KaeawynShifter I agree with this fine person entirely!
  • @KaeawynShifter ;
    With the player thing I think I could try that! When the summer is over that is. I walked by the library one day and saw that they were doing a DnD introduction program, too bad I missed it by a week although I hope they do it again this year.
  • Working on a campaign about an Elf who was blessed by Quintara Lotus and is basically on the run trying to get to the elven council because another family tried to assassinate them and they're being chased so that they can't tell. Already made maps, cards, a whole backstory for 6 different important NPCS, plots for future campaigns, and an overall arching plot for the storyline, and custom art for all 6 characters (which I've already turned into tiles.)
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded ;
    Interesting idea! Are the players on the side of the Elf or are they hunting them?
    (Also is your name a reference to My Brother, My Brother, and Me?)
  • @Milk My name is just a stupid joke about Guy Fieri that I've had as my steam name for a while, and as for the campaign, the players aren't originally on either side. The elf shows up to a port town where the players are mourning the loss of their ship/crew, and she basically either convinces them to help her by either bribing them, just convincing them, or out of the kindness of their hearts. of course none of them know who she is why she's there, but eventually the next day the other elven family shows up to the dock with a fleet of warships and basically destroys almost all of it, trying to kill/capture her. final encounter would end with her revealing a huge magical power as she destroys the warships with a blast of magic, and she explains a lot to the players. HOPEFULLY they would then join her side and they board a remaining ship for future campaigns.
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded Just make sure you don't have a group of 'those' players who you can tell will stay away from the crazy-powerful elf lady who just saved them. Alternatively you can have an army also be coming by land that they can see in the distance, so if they don't take the ship they have a good chance of being killed.
  • @KaeawynShifter i plan on having other excuses ready if they choose not to go. For example "oh now you're associated with me so they'll kill you now that you have information and fought against them if you stay."
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded Good, I suggest seventeen more backup plans, the fact that you already thought you needed one proves that you need more, a LOT more. I personally always have at least five backup plans for if my party doesn't do what I want them to.
  • @KaeawynShifter i'm pretty sure the people i ask for my campaigns would want to continue the story, but even so I have several things prepared for if they don't want to go. My only real fear in the campaign is if someone decides to be a bucaneer and get secret weapon, because unless my elves fucking shoot it out of the sky and it drowns, a whelpling could be a serious game breaker. but i've got plans for a lot of scenarios
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded I'm sure you'll do just fine then, I'm not going to tell you how to run your game. But feel free to actually tell your players that taking secret weapon and similar things would make your job harder, and as a result, make the campaign less fun. Telling players that something will make it less fun for them is a great way to discourage them.
  • I'm planning for the campaign i'm writing that the final boss will strike a deal with them once they're down a certain amount of health. If they accept the king of the kingdom who enlisted them on their quest is killed along with all the nobles in the castle. If they decline the boss will attempt to leave, and if they're not killed/convinced/unconscious, go on to destroy the kingdom leaving the players to see what their decision has done.
  • Wow @Milk ;, thats a bit harsh, And I think the players will feel like the destruction is forced if they don't stop it, and they won't think about it either way if they do, a lose/meh situation, I won't tell you how to GM, so just do your thing.
  • I'm working on a urealms project, a comic if you will. it's still at it's rough sketching phase, here's a little peak at it!
    Ive been working on this but I'm still working on it.  I really like making custom cards
  • Im fleshing out a rough history of the realms for my IRL URealms group. Only 1 of them knows the lore but the rest love the game so im writing a rough world history from the Birth of magic on. I wont go to far into the future of URealms tho, as I uncorperate a lot of official lore. 

    Some examples of new things are that the Winterstone is a giant gemling that was trapped in the bag of holding with millions of gold. The gemling ate the gold for years, slowly eating up other bubbles in the realm and their contents until a Bandito opened the wrong portal while talking to the dragon aspect of ice. Now we have a frost magic filled gemling that cant move due to its extreme weight.
  • @Bakkidza Thank you for building the framework that Marionette Mates was built on!
  • @thepaperpilot fun fact about all of those assets, they were mostly remade from hand. Was a very long process.
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