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Deadlantis Hype Thread



  • BTW, a thing I just remembered. Phineas's character sheet on the website lists him as having 4 copies of the legendary spell Blanket of Death. Take that as you will.
  • @bogalizard I'd say that perhaps the Birth of Magic is more the creation of magic as it is currently known with before this time magic taking on a different form than the current system.
  • @Caspian I imagine they'll probably only be allowed to make elves so that their characters can be normal elves prior to BoM and then ageless elves during current events.
  • Roll for hype

  • Rolling for hype!
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    Rawb... I think that this thread is a 20 ... I'll take my leave now.

  • Welp, time to clear my schedule.
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  • Gonna have to miss this campaign anyways. If Rawb sees this here's my two cents on donations: for monumental decisions such as killing a dragon aspect something a la law vs chaos would work much better, as there could be a badge for both sides and money flood would not guarantee to set this off. The choice bid war style is necessary because otherwise people just donate a couple thousand with no way for the non-supporters to help their side.
  • I'm afraid because I know Phineas is gonna go down the dark character path
  • BOOOOOOOOOOONES! Roll for bones being in the right place...
  • man this was a great preview i'm now super hyped :)

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    And it will be a glorious sight to behold @Hatswithoutrats

    Also, boooones
  • the hype level. Its over THOUSAND
  • Something I'm looking forward to are these other Ageless Factions, as it appears (on the Donation Page) that each Faction has one Representative that form the actual Senate. We know about Bopen's Crew and the Cult of Bones, and it appears that the Tarciel'Embert may also be corrupted (at least to some extent). So I wonder what the other Factions will be?
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    I really like how Rob plays Phineas. Phineas acts in a consistent predictable manner that makes sense only to him. My own theory is he's got permanent dark vision and sees everything as dead. The past exists but doesn't matter, the future exists but doesn't matter, all he has is the permanent now.

    edit I forgot! BOOOOONES. I love how much fun Rob and the animators had with that.
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    Oh boy, it's scheduled for the same day as the Splatoon 2 Splatfest Premier. Good thing I'm good at multitasking.

    I was wondering if we would see the first interaction between Bopen and Phineas, and it's gotten me excited for what's to come. New campaign HYPE :smile: 

    EDIT: I just saw the donations, Phineas is a good boy! #SavePhineas
  • Darn I was hoping that Bob and Phineas had a romantic island survival together. I guess this will do. /s
  • I can see the Divine Decision being something like either Phineas is lying about Darkvision existing and the other option being it acutally does exist.
  • sooo excited for deadlantis
  • hyyyppeee
  • I really wanted to donate to the phineas event but I have faith that it'll get donated bc of just what it is. 
    Ended up donating to Bopen Needs You tho because the idea of a chance at having an NPC named after me is exciting. Can't wait!
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    >_<   BONE VISION ROLL!!!                      

  • After I saw the Donation Events, I just had to make it.
  • for if Daragor is mentioned to be near Deadlantis in the campaign

    I have to say I am liking the 'Animatics'. Nice vice acting Rob :smile: 
  • Seems like :|  might have a bone to pick with :bopen: , but it's going tibia okay because they are going to bone down to deadlantis, which is very humerus. I wish the stream was to marrow. #bonevisionhype #cantstopthepuns
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