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Don't kill the sun-god! (let the inhabitants do it)



  • From a meta level: It's probably going to go off anyways. Why not get the badge and 500xp?

    From a lore stance: I fully approve of the death of Phanto. It's true that people became mortal because of this, but this also causes the Birth of Magic. I'd rather have an interesting world full of magic than a boring "utopia" without a bunch of the races we have now and limited magic.
  • @ImagineBaggins That's probably why Rob added the badge, let's be honest: will the Old Gods' greed for immediate accolades plunge the realm into despair, or are they willing to pass it up to stand for what they truly believe? It's a fun way to check our morality, as well as the world's.
  • I agree with most of your reasons not to kill Phanto but, at the same time I really want to see what act 4 as in store. Hopefully we get to see how the realms was before the birth of magic happens and how people react or maybe even start the hatching happened. So I am kind of in the middle on this.
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    @ImagineBaggins +1 to this tbh

    @Petertwnsnd ;

    not what we meant. Phanto is going to die and magic is going to be born reguardless. This is just about wether we the old gods should be responsible, or if the mortals of the world should make their own mistakes.
  • C'mon guys, saying to not kill the sun-god is like saying to not give Rob money! You guys like, Rob, right? Then you better donate to Ki̠̳͎̻̠̩l͎l͎͢ ̷̹T̨͈̲͇̰͇h̜̗̝̹͍̪e̱ͅ ͓̩G̩̼̺̬̪o̵d͕̝͔̘
  • @Arkanite My ass truly believes we should kill that sun god 
  • @Kiko Then kill away, and accept the shiny as a perk~
  • Rob
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    I changed the event slightly based on your guys feedback about overflow going into it. I agree that overflow doesn't make sense for this one, but then again maybe overflow doesn't make sense for a lot of donations. I have some ideas for how to update some things, but it will take some time to make new tech and such for it.
  • I'm still for being the cause of so much death and suffering.
    Their pre-birth of magic paradise seems boring to me. Conflict is needed for there to be any kind of enjoyment in my eyes. What's the point in life if you don't struggle? If you live an unending life of paradise, then you won't appreciate said paradise. Life needs death, happiness needs sorrow, love needs pain. You get the idea.
    I am perfectly okay with the idea of causing the death of Phantos and ripping the elves from their endless paradise in order to give them a life that can have conflict. Even if it means I am responsible for 100% of all the deaths, and absolutely everything that would give the people of the Realm to absolutely hate me.
    Who's with me on this?
  • I would rather it be left to a divine decision tbh. Nothing sweeter than being crowned a god dragon killer boi  >_<
  • @Gterra2 Then your expansion pack is already covered in errors my man. There was no "original" lore, this is the lore. When you use things characters say or assume things to make your lore, your not being accurate. Did you watch a URealms where you saw the Beenu kill the moon? or did you jump to that conclusion because of a cryptic message you misunderstood the meanings of?

    You can't say make a factual expansion off things that haven't been proven to be true. Virgo Sunsword is not Phineas's grandfather for example and it's pretty obvious why Phineas would say something inaccurate because he is complete insane!
  • Sometimes life can be hard. Sometimes you're just having a bad day... So what better way to turn your day around than to kill a sun god? Haven't you ever thought to yourself "Man, I'd feel better if I could kill Phanto the sun dragon!"   
    Don't hesitate Jimmy! Let's kill Phanto together!
  • Even though that accolade is very tempting I will resist. I think of it as a huge moral stand point. If we the old gods decide to kill phanto, those charaters who have died up till now, their blood is on our hands. Virgo, Elmar, Dave, the entire town of the silverflats, their deaths were because of us.

    We allowed the creation of Chimera and Bopen. We allowed Dundinburgoh to fall. We the fans allowed Golestandt to be awakened and the ageless legions to rise. This would all be because of us directly.

    The birth of magic will happen anyway, so let the mortals make their mistakes. We should not cause this cataclysmic event ourselves.


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    >_< @Space_Runes thee mortals will make their mistakes and it will be because of us >_<
  • @Rob oh wow, that's awesome! thanks Rob!
  • @Arkanite he is innocent in the sense that he doesn't know he's insane because his rational choices are rational to him though. And from my pov I really believe Phineas is the kind of character who is better off on his own, he doesn't need peers. He's crossed multiple storylines/campaigns already and I feel like him becoming ageless will prevent this from happening in the future. 

    Of course there'll be consequences for taking the blame for killing a dragon, but I'd much rather take the blame, and see where the story goes from there, rather than let the characters take the blame. It would be far more interesting and it allows us to become a part of the show more, which is what Rob wants and tbh it's what I want as a viewer.

    Whatever happens I'll be pleased, but I'd much rather take part in it than not  >_<  
  • Death to Phanto!
  • No Tricks right Rob
  • So you guys are saying that I spent 2 real life dollars for this in-game 10,000 range titanium greatsword over on the titanium greatsword forum, and you guys won't even donate to let us give it to a guy who hates the sun!
  • apparently?
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