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Don't kill the sun-god! (let the inhabitants do it)



  • @friskyBrisky Ah right, thanks for clearing that up for me!
  • I'm down with the #SparePhineas storyline, he is crazy but he's innocent, he doesn't know he's crazy and that makes him all the more interesting. There's no going back if he becomes ageless, and although his insanity won't quit, he's still an elf who's only on his side, not supporting someone elses.

    However, lets #KillPhanto!! It makes total sense that the Old Gods would do something like that! Isn't it good for the storyline if The Old Gods became involved with something like that? To mix it up in the world of Urealms and see what happens. Isn't that the whole point?
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    Ignore this, I'm dumb

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    Except the beenu kinda died out anyway, because of lack of reproduction. But it could save their reputation. Or maybe just maybe, the old gods whispered to the Bennu to try it for fun and they did it. And then went damn you old gods, which would explain why some of their machine is trying to talk directly to us. Because we ruined the beenu by telling them to kill Phanto.

    Maybe if we dont donate it wouldnt be the beenu who kill the sun god but a completely other species
    random ideas. *is wearing the tinfoil hat*.
  • @Invidia same tbh. for that reason i'm also fond of the idea that races aren't created by gods or magic in most settings, just find it more interesting to learn how they came up on their own.

    of course i know that isn't the case for Urelms. it is rather magic-heavy :P
  • The Old Gods, us, don't live time like the world of Urealms, because we don't know the story in chronological order, so, for all the people saying that we should kill Phanto because we have the power and the title to do it, you're wrong, because we won't be the direct cause of his death, we will merely steal the blame, because we know it has already happened. We will just place our mark in the process, just steal the credit and make it our own, discharging the inhabitant of the world of the fault.
  • That's actually a pretty funny thought  :)
  • I say we kill the dragon. What is there to lose? Nothing. What is there to gain? An accolade!
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    What we have to loose from this donation is a moral restraint. This moral restraint is both ours and Rob's to control. Rob will put more donations that become aggressive toward characters we know and love.
    This can be seen from Divine Decision and the Sins in how we can choose darker paths for mortals to walk and we reap the entertainment. We have been given a test of will to let events play out or to taint them for cheap power over the realm. Given everything that has enabled us to tamper with the realm has increased suffering more than ease it. This event will set the bar for how kind we old gods are.
    I choose not to support this event and instead support the events that brings the community more together such as the "Bopen Needs You!".
  • @NinaZzzz See, that's the case for most people who are that far round the bend. Phineas is so crazy that he can't even realise his own insanity. Or rather, the 'sane' and 'rational' choice in his mind is completely diametrically opposed to what the majority may consider to be. He is in no way innocent of anything; he made his choices and he'd make them again. That's why I personally am on board for turning him Ageless. Besides, considering his proclivity for Dark magic, he'd probably feel more among peers in their ranks than if he were to remain alongside the Sunswords.

    However, the question of killing Phanto is rather different. We all know that that dragon will be dead, so most people here are arguing whether we, as the Old Gods, have the right to claim that death as our own, rather than it belonging to the fallacies of the mortals. And, as @Nyrrix said, it seems that there's nothing to lose by doing so. But we aren't actually omniscient and omnipresent. We've seen the world after the Birth of Magic, but we haven't seen all of it. It's impossible for us to know whether there are genuinely consequences to taking the credit, whereas we more or less already know what will happen if we let events unfold without interference. I grant you, the whole point of our existence as Old Gods is indeed to rewrite and alter URealms lore as suits our whims. But whims untethered by pragmatism can lead to ruin. Are we to head down the same path as the Beenu if we take on their duty? Will we destroy ourselves as well, or will we endure regardless? These are questions with no answer.
  • if i can get the chance to be credited to have helped killed a Dragon, then i gonna take that chance. i am a almighty Old God after all
  • I honestly don't care how this goes down. I have no money to donate so I won't be the cause of Phanto's demise. All I really care about is Phineas getting even more messed up than he already is. :| #SavePhineas 
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    It's gonna go off guaranteed. As last campaign showed people have a ton of cash and this one even has a shiny badge to boot. I just wish it didn't :(

    The phineas one will as well. I feel for dark path things of monumental decisions bid wars work better, so there can actually be a chance it doesn't go off.
  • @meaningoflife42 Yeah I feel like far too many people are going to donate just to get that accolade. Maybe if there were a lot of those already it wouldnt be a big deal, but this is the first time you can earn one outside of just donating in general or random luck
  • i dunno. some of those other events last campain only went off because of the overflow. i'm not actually sure if Rob would USE the overflow for this one.

    the overflow worked for the dwarven armory and Callen riding a giant spider because they added something to the game. They added new tools to play with, or a new enemy to face.

    THIS however doesn't add anything to the game (that we know of) other then what the cause is for the Dragon's death. Rob has no reason to want it to be us, the players won't get any fancy tools, or have to face down any tougher monsters, and it's such a big decision that i think it's really down to us on weather or not it happens. Rob has no reason to want it one way or the other to my knowledge. though i could be wrong of course.

    on the flipside though if i personally were running this thing and had that state of mind, i think i'd limit it so that only small donations of two or five dollars would count towards the event, and that only one donation per paypal account would be accepted. this would allow the old gods as a larger group to play a part in weather or not it happens, as opposed to how some events play out now in which one or two people with thousands of dollars in disposable income fund events all by themselves. since all the donations seem to have the same cap of 250$ though, i don't think that's going to be the case unfortunately.
  • ... I just noticed that none of the Donation Events actually have any amounts to them. So no one knows how much each event costs.

    So wouldn't it be funny if the Death of Phanto by player event was only a 1 Dollar Event? I wouldn't put it past Rob. :p
  • Phineas is crazy, but not evil #SavePhineas
  • I was so torn on this.  From a story perspective, the mortals killing a god sounds so much cooler than the Old Gods killing a "god."  The donation seemed to be trying to call on our guilt however, saying that we would be responsible for all the suffering and death in the world.  We know the Death of Phanto happens regardless of our involvement or not, so it seems weird to feel any "guilt" over "killing" Phanto.  I would guess that there will be potential "consequences" in URealms from this event, but (as much as I hate this mentality) the event is probably gonna trigger, and I do really want that accolade :evilsmile: 
  • Rob
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    hmm it's not intended. You should be able to see the prices, i'll ask nisovin. If you couldn't see the prices then I would be able to change them based on incoming donations and that is super lame.

    Spell of Breathing is 500
    Bopen needs you is 1000
    Nader Leomaris is 250
    Chilly Wizzies is 500
    Kill Phanto the Sun Dragon God is 2000

    i'll poke nisovin about it, i think it's that new stream layout for donations as I can see them in the preview.
  • But the old gods who do kill the god, they get marked... But... We kill a dragon, not just a welpling. But an actual god...
  • I have to agree that we shouldn't kill Phanto just because I really don't want the old gods to be responsible for such a collosal event, I would rather it be the Devine descision just so it doesn't happen because of the overflow.
  • @Rob Definitely not seeing them on my end.

    Maybe it's just my end? Well, glad I could point this out! :)
  • >_<  Make the presence of the Old Gods felt in the realm! KILL THE SUN! AGELESS PHINEAS! >_<
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    For you guys who want to have a Accolades you can edit this awesome Accolades to your profiel if you don't donate to the kill phanto the sun dragon god donation.
    Just past this in your profiel: saver of phanto:
    Credit to Meganzoor for the dragon art.
    This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!

  • @Dutchspacewalker

    that would be cheating though.
  • It's not everyday that you get the chance to kill a dragon, you shouldn't let that kind of opportunity go to waste.
  • I'm with sparing Phanto, the Phineas one will go off regardless and if it doesn't get donated he may get killed by Bopen in the end or something. 
    I really want to see that ending animation and any reason to include Phineas in a campaign is an instant win.

  • Oh yeah and Phineas will be able to cast blanket of death if he is an ageless who wouldn't want to give Phineas an even more powerful version of blanket of darkness?
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    A lot of people in here are discussing this purely in-character, but I think there is a more compelling reason to not donate to it out-of-character. This may just be my opinion, but I feel like the inhabitants of the world being responsible for all the bad things is much more interesting story-wise. Almost every mythos has some form of absolute evil (Morgoth in Lotr, the Others/White Walkers in GoT, etc.). They take different forms in different lores, but there's always some 100% evil entity or force that is the cause of terrible things, and to be quite honest I find that a bit clichéd.

    I think it would be much more interesting, thematically-speaking, for all the misery and cruelty in the UR universe to exist simply because people are shitty and do shitty things. I remember in some BTS video where Rob mentioned how he wanted his characters to be ambiguous and not purely good or evil or whatever. While "the old gods" aren't characters per se, they obviously do influence the story so it's kinda the same effect in my mind.

    Doesn't really matter what I think though, people will donate to it anyway to get that shiny badge for their profile (which tbh is pretty cool looking).

    Edit: Did not intend for this to sound so negative near the end. I'm just offering my opinion is all.
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