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Don't kill the sun-god! (let the inhabitants do it)



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    i feel im having an existential crisis over this decision, i really love dragons, theyre one of my top favorite if not most favorite creatures.  being the reason a powerful god dragon dies is sacrilege to me but what @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; said makes a lot of sense to me and that accolade is pretty sweet. i feel really really bad for the person whos name is going to be picked to do it...if they pick somebody again. also if i donate to this event i cant give my friends grief anymore for killing dragons...

  • Do you think Bopen will know what we did if we kill the dragon?
  • We shouldn't interfere! The birth of magic shall happen, we voted for the Law over blood bath and we can choose the light again!
  • Why can't we be benevolent gods that the realm loves?
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    Please, we should not kill Phanto ! #SparePhanto

    Don't forget the Order of Chaos of Maelstrom, whoever they are, they will know what we have done. Maybe they won't forgive us if we kill Phanto. I think they can become enemy of us, the Old Gods, if we interfere too much with their world. And if they become kind of enemy, they may try to stop us from interfering or worse.

    Spare Phanto, for we should not show ourselves like destructor of the Urealms world, as an enemy!

    edit: this should have been a divine decision, but I guess that the decision of this week will be equally interesting or even more !
  • Shits about to hit the Phanto (get it  >:) )
  • Personally, I want to spare it. I mean, let the idiots kill themselves.
    But at the same time I know people are going to vote to kill it so I'd want to spend my money and be known as the guy that killed a sun god, because he was an asshole old god.
  • Killing Phanto is what makes EVERYTHING happen. Without Phanto's death, it would be a boring Utopia. C'mon guys, what's fun about that?

    Sure, the Beanu COULD POTENTIALLY kill Phanto, but really. Bird People, Divine Intervention.

    Bird People...
    Divine Intervention...

  • I have decided! Down with Phanto! Mwhahaha! Come at me Order of Chaos! You don't scare me! I'll destroy your world!  >_<
  • While I'd like the death of Phanto to be the fault of the mortals in the show, the amount of support that the event we will most likely be the ones at fault for the death of a sun in Urealms. The only possibility I can see is if everyone who wants to vote for the event puts in the lowest donation amount $2 to try and not cause the event to trigger. The event is most likely either $1000 or $2000, so just under 500 to 1000 people could get the Moon Accolade without having us kill Phanto.
  • we need to kill the sun its simple as that  >_<
  • Those mortals need to be put in their place. Their eyes have gone too bright with hubris. Punishment must be dealt swiftly. 
  • hey man I only donated 5 bucks that's not enough to trigger an event so I'm in the clear I just wanted an accolade. 
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    The Order of Chaos is a rather fickle thing. On one hand, they might be our agents carrying our will into the land. On the other hand, they may be simply enlightened of our prescence in the world and may try to bring us down.

    However, we have a hand in creating their magnanimous leader. I'd the Order is loyal to us and us alone.

    I'd say to let the inhabitors of this world kill Phanto themselves. There is no need for the blood of the most important god on our hand - least we get some of the Order rebelling against us down the line for this.

  • Yes why is this no divine decision?? if the divine decision is less epic than this it will be really disappointing
  • I actually hope it be less epic more on the silly side. Rob said there will be silly decisions, like what type of tattoo should Gwyneth get. LIke why not have a DD that is  like what pet should phineas get. I would love it. :D  

  • Under normal circumstances id be fine with killing Phanto. but right now im kinda panicking because my expansion pack featuring Alot of campaigns, is kinda riding on the original lore for how he died.
  • I mean, I feel like it's a bad thing, but at the same time wouldn't it be fun to kill something as powerful as Phanto?
  • I would prefer that the mortal's be the ones to kill Phanto just because there's a lot more interesting lore that can result from that, while us having done it kind of stifles some of the creativity in my opinion,
  • Well muhahaha, I've always wanted to support the ageless! I shall be Gale Sunkiller!
  • @Gterra2 I mean, your Expansion could still have it that the Beannu killed Phanto. Or you could make it that the people of the Realm think it's the Beannu that did it. Most people don't know jack about the Old Gods (AKA, Us), and the few people that do don't really talk about it much.
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    @friskyBrisky The pr0blem is im trying to make this expansion pack lore accurate with the show and im already at like 50+ documents for lore, campaigns, enemies, and characters. Depending on how this goes im gonna have to rewrite alot of that and might put me behind several months.
  • I guess it doesn't really say how we kill Phanto, so anything could happen.
  • I agree, #SparePhanto and#SparePhineas. It's a lot more interesting if Phanto is killed by the inhabitants. If we were the ones to cause it, it would be a literal dues ex machina, and we all know how much those suck.
    Meanwhile Phineas, in my opinion, works because he is completely insane, but still innocent. Taking away his innocence and making him genuinely dark would make him Just Another Crazy Evil Person
  • @Madiso But what it does say, is that we would be directly responsible for his death, the Old Gods would kill a god. That is not nearly as interesting as having the mortals killing a god
  • To me killing Phanto does no more to damage the lore, or cut creativity, than any other time we have donated to previous events. We could have had a universe where Lunk was killed in DOD, but we sinned and saved him. Out fingerprints have already shaped this world and out presence is known. The Beenu will still have lore to be explored beyond their connection to Phanto. Choosing not to donate will change none of these things.  
  • Phanto is gonna die anyway, and I'm not just putting that because I already donated 2 bux before seeing this thread orz.

    ....Also isn't Phanto the moon, not the sun? Has mistakes been made? :oh: 
  • @Alteiriaa Both Phanto and the other one (who's name I've forgotten) were Suns, before Phanto died. When it did die, it became the Moon. The Same fate will (possibly) befall the other Sun Dragon (some day).
  • @Davrial true good point
  • @TamTroll

    That's a very good point. But you know, I personally think it's better for us to take the blame. Some do it to wreck chaos, but some are here who are willing to sacrifice their own reputation to save, let's say the benu's reputation. We are the old gods, they can not harm us, but if there is someone on the moral plane to blame those people will be hunted forever.
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