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Jalku's Jamming FanArt (New: Theta Squad)

edited February 2018 in Fan Art and Creations
Welcome Jalku's Jamming Fan Art! This is a place where I will post Urealms Related Fanart! Enjoy!

Virgo Sunsword!



  • oml this is amazing, it has a certain elegance
  • @Crash Personally, it reminds me of Phineas' classic close up smile.  >:)

  • this isnt something i knew i needed
  • This is adorable!  :)

  • Jimmison Blant!


  • Ooh these are awesome! :)
  •                           Yumi's Band of Thieves. 

    (No Background)

    Hi everyone! I haven't had the motivation to draw for a while now until recently, so I decided to draw our favorite band of thieves! I also decided to mess with a "watercolor" background. Which I will admit doesn't mix well with my actual art style at the moment so that's cool. I also decided to draw Gracias more like a excited child which I really like! Umm... Yea so uhh... Anyway let me know what you think! 

  • edited November 2017
    @Jalku K4 looks so pretty o:

    Also they look like they're walking on pizza 
  • @Ninja_Goose huh... I guess so yea! I was trying to draw the blood snake forest but it obviously doesn't look like it.
  • edited February 2018
    Theta Squad!
    Self Criticism: Been working on this in my free time for a few days, but I think a lot of this looks really weird. For starters I would have moved chilly wizzy so that he in the middle of Ca'rell and Phineas facing the camera. I also would make his head/body in general.For Denada I would change his head shape and fix his proportions. I would make Phineas' porc skulls bigger. If any of you guys see something else wrong I would love to hear it.
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