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Oakden (Town/Forest/Maze/Lake/Cave)

edited March 2018 in Custom Maps
Hi all! Here is my first attempt at a custom URealms map. I plan on using it for a campaign I'm slowly building. It features a town centered around a massive tree, a grassy field, a maze, a lake with a small island, and a cave that contains the big tree's roots. I used the Woodcarvers map as a rough outline and went from there. It's still missing some details and the houses need to be furnished, but I'm happy with my work so far. Any constructive criticism is appreciated! 

Update (7/19/17): Added all the details! Decided not to keep the tree transparent since I didn't end up needing the house behind it.

Update (7/31/17): Added a blur on the entrance/exit of the maze as per a suggestion. Not sure if it did anything, but it looks fine regardless!

Update (3/26/18): Uploaded a new version of the map, which falls in line with the new draft of the campaign I've been working on. Main changes were closing off the end of the maze to work with the mechanics I came up with and breaking the bridge so the lake is more of an obstacle. 

Map assets were created by @Meganzoor, @Jorre, @Aptmage, and @Spacewalker ;
The map was built following the tutorial created by Jorre found here. As always, "This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"


  • I believe the big oak needs to be above the house layers my dude
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded I made the parts of the tree covering the houses transparent so that I could still have stuff in them. So the houses aren't in front of the tree, but they're still visible. Might just raise the opacity a bit so the effect comes across.
  • @RedDashLion maybe another solution could be just making the tree object large enough to where only the trunk is visible, but that probably takes up too much space and looks pretty gross
  • I think the way you've done the tree is fine as it is. It makes the size of the tree clear while also clearly marking the interiors of the house.

    I love the map, though! A good setup. The only thing I'd add is perhaps some furniture for the interiors, but that does of course depend on what purpose the village is gonna play for the campaign. 
  • @Cave Thanks! Furniture is one of the things I have left to do, since I haven't decided what is going to happen within the town itself yet. I appreciate the feedback!
  • edited July 2017
    @RedDashLion ;
    i will advise to make a border around your water and use different colors in you river and lake. Look for inspiration to the Fall of Dundinborrow or the sunswords campaigne map. And use some lilypads or other assets (there are bunch of assets dissusion on the forums)
    I like the maze you made.
  • I actually really like this. Can't wait to see it complete, houses furnished etc. The maze was a clever idea too. I would love to use it for my players asap :drunk: 
  • @Cloud Thank you! :D I just updated it, thanks for your support!
  • Updated with a suggestion from @Spacewalker, hopefully it looks good!
  • Updated with a new version of the map, expect the actual campaign to be posted soon!
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