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2 Q for Rob.(non-lore questions)

First: Is the intended Crit damage of Arcane Missiles 100 or 200 damage. I made a fourm post about this a few weeks ago and was hoping for a straight answer from you.

Second: Is the basic attack damage rule from S2 in S3, like how you have a 5 damage weapon and can still do the 5 damage with your fists.

Thank you for your time Rob, sorry if this is in the wrong place.


  • 100 Damage. I really don't understand how any arguments about it being 200 make any logical sense, it's grasping at straws with the wording.

    There is no core rule that says that and I did not balance the game around it. You can use it as a house rule if you want, but it will just make it so melee basic attacking is utterly garbage compared to range. There are 10-15 damage weapons that cost nothing and so you really shouldn't use that house rule we used in s2.
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