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Kobold Dice

This is a question that I know can be decided by each GM separately, but I'm just wondering how you would rule on this.
If I play a Kobold and on a roll I get a 20 and a 19, can I choose to use the 19 instead? I remember last season the racial was to roll two dice and choose the one you used, but does that still apply? The only real purpose to using the worse roll is for grandravensgift or avoiding a fireball turning into a pyroblast and killing an ally, but it seems like something that could stand to be clarified more. Thank you for this wonderful game you've created, Rob. We are all truly in your debt.


  • If you could pick which dice to use as Kobold, the player would be the one deciding their fate ultimately rather then the dice. This goes against the general logic of the world. You pick your actions, but your characters execute them as the gamemaster describes. 
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