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Mechanic Class

When I saw the first teaser for season 3 the first thing that came to mind was this class. I really liked the concept of minions as a class and decided to make a class that revolved around minions, but rather than having magical minions this class uses mechanical constructs instead. It's also a more utility based minion class than raw damage.
Click on the names for links to cards as it looks like the card creator's Form Link function is not working at the time of making this page. 

custom card:
Unless there is a way to add custom artwork to classes I'm just using the Warrior as it would be closes to the Mechanic look I am going for. Plus if there is I sadly am not gifted in drawling only storytelling. I also am unsure how to make italics or change color on the card creator to match the other classes looks. 

Next up is the abilities. So I split them up into 2 groups basically. There is 7 "utility" abilities and 5 minions.
I'll be going down the list and reason for them in the order of creation to explain why I made each of them.

custom card:
First up is the main inspiration for this class the Robotic Spider. This little creature originated from a small RPG group I'm in. In a recent campaign from one of the members he had these little robotic spiders that would attach to players and inflict the status condition we had "sleep" on them. When I heard Rob talking about the new types of status effects this was the first thing to come to mind. I basically took the concept and upgraded it to inflict a status condition of your choice. I also worded it in a way that would allow for the Game Master to interpret it how they want in that either the creation of the spider would be where they have to decide what status condition it inflicts, or they chose when it attacks someone. Overall I liked the minion, it's unique in that rather than dealing damage it just inflicts status conditions so long as it's alive and on a host.

custom card & custom card:
These 2 cards were created together as foils. The Cybernetic Justice was the first one created and basically it's a Gunslinger from TF2. Using that makes all your minions more disposable but numerous. You also could not use the second card Carbon Fiber Wires with it. The CFW made all your minions more durable. This was meant to be used alongside the next card on this list and promoted a more defensive and playstyle of Mechanic. The CFW are also more expensive as you could take a lot more damage to minions with it.

custom card:
This sort of evolved from an old custom race I made back in Season 2 that had a +2 movement bonus for the race. So I added that to this card and then made it so all attacks are redirected to it. You can see why I said CFW were designed for this card because that is a few free hits you can take before taking damage. Also the movement bonus is valuable in URealms I noticed as very few items allow for extra mobility. Then I decided to allow this to be transferred so you could actually give it to a squishy party member to help them, or give it to a less mobile player or healer to get around quicker. If it gets destroyed it can't be rebuilt until after combat as it's not a regular action, and it can be salvaged and still be rebuilt after combat.

custom card:
This was another fun utility/minion card I decided to make to compliment the Cybernetic Justice. Basically it allows you to take a destroyed minion and create a new one out of it. It wont be the same minion and instead they will be given a random companion ability for fun. This is geared more towards the disposable minion route. I also added that it can be used on anything considered mechanical so there is extra potential in that as well. It's a rather Inventory cluttering ability though.

custom card:
This was the next ability I designed as a foil to Salvage that would fit into a more defensive build, but it also can be used alongside the mobile and disposable build if you wanted. It's pretty strait forward in that it's a mass resurrect of nearby minions. it's also important to note that it says you cannot resurrect salvaged minions. This means that if you had a Robotic Spider that died and got salvaged into a High Noon Ex minion and they then died next to the salvaged Robotic Spider the High Noon Ex minion would be revived but not the Robotic Spider.

custom card:
I know at first glace it sounds kind of odd that a Mechanic would have this, but I found it fitting that a Mechanic would possibly carry around music while they work, and it allowed me to make a passive that would benefit a supportive playstyle for the Mechanic. It can be used 2 ways mainly as a defensive measure to heal allies or it can be used offensively on the front lines with some offensive Minions.

custom card:
This is the second to last utility ability of the Mechanic. This is his last ditch nuke. It fits the more disposable build. Fun fact, this was originally called Perfect Mayhem as I was playing Tales of Berseria and loved the Perfect Mayhem finisher in that game, but I changed it to Total Mayhem to sort of fit the chaotic nature of the ability. The reason it's only a 50 damage nuke is because you can literally create a ton of spiders for example and just pile up on someone for a massive 300 damage if you have 1 of each status effect on a single target. Note I say massive because Rob said in one of the teasers that it's viable to take a companion and multiply their Stamina by 10 and have an enemy. So I based it on that. These numbers may be adjusted after I see the first campaign and get a feel of how strong that would actually be.

custom card:
Let's talk more about the minions. This little minion is a mobile shield. It works identical to a shield in that it provides you some extra Stamina and can roll to block attacks. It is a minion though so it's fragile and suits the defensive CFW build more. It's also important to note that it can only block a single attack each round of combat leaving it weak to follow up attacks or combos but that's a trade off for a mobile shield that doesn't use anytimes to block. I feel like it's a strong yet fragile shield. Like the Mechanical Bullogre if it is destroyed it can't be rebuilt until after combat and can be salvaged. The name came from a Symmetra line in Overwatch and I kind of liked the name for a mobile shield.

custom card:
Here's where we get to the damage dealing minions. These little things don't do a ton by themselves but in numbers they can do chipped range damage. These are meant for the more disposable playsyle as you can see they only create 1 when created so having the Cybernetic Justice makes these a lot more potent. At the same time though it can be used with the CFW for shutting down areas from enemies, providing backup to retreat behind, or just have more durable front line damage.

custom card:
This is the last utility and sort of meant to foil Total Mayhem, but not exactly. It's a short boost to damage and defense to the whole party. Not much else to it really. The main use I see for this is if you Salvage a really good minion with a lot of damage then you can supercharge it and say High Noon Ex a whole room or something.

custom card:
Finally I wanted another offensive option for the Mechanic to take since there is quite a bit of defense and utility in the class but very little offensive potential. Thus the Treasure Hawk was born. Like the name suggests it takes Treasure Cards to make goof. It would be useful to use this alongside Junkrat and CFW so that you have a better chance to keep it from dying. It's a very expensive little creature as it eats Treasure, but it also has potential to be a powerful offensive tool.


  • As always any feedback is appreciated.
    I will of course update this once a Season 3 campaign comes out so I an better feel how this class may fit into the game.
    I also of course could tweak some things about it over time such as cost of some abilities or how useful they are,
  • i think this awesome good work
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