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Heartoak Swamp Map & Assets

edited July 2017 in Custom Maps
So here's my first map: The Heartoak Swamp!
Had the idea to run a game where a group had to trek a Heartoak forest and recover the core of a Giant Heartoak to build a powerful staff that was commissioned. I also wanted to make something to incorporate a lot of fauna and flora (and the... florauna?) of Urealms, so I tried to design something where you can place a variety of encounters. If you like the parts, but not the layout, I gotcha covered: Just go to the Imgur Album where I have the assets as well. :3
As always, a huge thanks to the Urealms crew, especially Meganzoor for their hard work and amazing skills to bring us an terrific game and community!!

The map with a village starting point, a rickety bridge, a dangerous jumping segment, a strange ogre settlement, and a small village on the island.

The same, but the final destination has changed... somehow.
Not everything in the map is in the assets, but if asked for I'll try to upload them.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


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    Well done! For your first try, this map is pretty great. You made sure to include multiple set pieces, which other maps tend to neglect, while keeping it contained in a consistent atmosphere.

    (Is the barren tree meant to look like a heart?)

    Edit: I'm an idiot. The map is called "Heartoak Swamp"
  • This is pretty good, I'll have to find a way to use this! :smile: 

  • I like the attention to detail. Example: The houses are made out of the same wood as the trees around :drunk: 
  • Nicely done!
  • Omg!!! I need to use this in a campaign!!! My friends will love this! THE SHREK MEMES WILL BE AFLOWIN!!!!!
  • I love this map! Can't wait to use it in a campaign and find out which of my buddies gets eaten by a Cowfrog
  • Sweet looking map!
  • lol love the attention to detail in the top right. Did you custom make that asset or find it because it is perfect.

  • @pillowpower99  ; Eveything is custom and I have the Imgur folder so you can use them in any map you'd like. :)
  • @NeroFireKick  ; I won't lie.. I made a Bard Ogre called Beck who kept a donkey since he lost his dumb head and retreated from the stage. My players made nice with him, and he let them pass after a Story Time. lol
  • Ran a game on this map! Great look and feel for a swamp campaign!
  • @Rob :wow: Why thank you! You're show has taught me a TON on world building and art in general. Thanks for the comment! (Quietly prints comment and hangs up next to commissions booth) :D
  • I really love the gradual light on the water in the swamp, really gives it some life and separates it from the ground parts. Also, the namesake of the swamp sounds like it could be a tourist attraction in it's own right.
  • @SugarSmear Thank you! I was going for the lighter areas where shallower so you can walk it. That would be an AMAZING campaign. Just a bunch of "city folk" being led through the swamp on a tour to see the mighty Heartoak Tree.
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