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Favorite Music

Since everyone loves doing "favorite" threads, I'm at least a little surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Share your favorite artist, and then your favorite song that's not by that artist.

My favorite is Imagine Dragons, and pretty much has been since hearing "It's Time" several years ago. Favorite song not by them is Glory by Bastille, off their newest album. Below is a link to a beautiful recording of the song that they did at Capitol Studios.


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  • I listen to music all the time, its really difficult to pick just one favourite song!

    One of my favourite bands tho has to be Mariana's Trench, I havnt listened to all of their songs but I keep finding songs by them that I'm just amazed by. One I've been listening to lately is Masterpiece Theatre III!! :)

  • I listen to Steampunk and Dark Cabaret. Yes those are real genres.
    Favorite band is easily Birdeatsbaby.
    Favorite song not by them (sounds nothing like them) is Belle's Palsy by Reverend Glasseye.
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    @Ulthax ;   Imagine Dragons whole catalogue is just fantastic. 
    I wouldn't say Eisley is my favourite band, but this song of theirs is apparently my most listened to off my iTunes.
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