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Campaign/Logo Title Font?

I've searched and searched but I can't find this font:
Can one of you fine folks out there help me out by telling me what it's called?

Thanks in advance!


  • edited July 2017
    I just had to edit my response to this because for some reason I thought you were looking for the font used on the cards instead of the font used for the Urealms Logo. I'm pretty sure that font isn't given out.
  • Damn, that's too bad, I hope they release it in the future. Thanks for the quick reply anyway @Meganzoor! I love what you do for the show so keep up the amazing work!
  • @Meganzoor Please tell me you guys intentionally used Calisto because of the name, because if so, that's a really well thought out joke that many will never realize.
  • For all of you that are interested, I discovered what font this is!

    It is called "Dark Crystal" and is available for download, for free, online. Enjoy!

    I'm not going to supply a link for reasons. So Google it yourself. Sorry Rawb... but you didn't have Haunter edit that little spoiler out :evilsmile: 
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