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Most Powerful/Impact-full class ?

I Just pulled the worldly Attribute on a test character creation, i decided to get the Templar class. What class do you think is the most impact-full on a game.


  • Honestly, I would say Seeker.

    The Tomes are awesome. Has some great potential for dishing out Legendary Spells, as well as just epic combos in general. Could also be pretty awful though. Randomness is like that.

    Wizard is the safest bet for being impactful in my opinion. Pretty strong, and if you have the money, you can be REALLY strong.
  • i would say templar with the passive multiclass into a wizard
  • dude look at your shop if you really want to min max the hell out of it.
    if you get minion stuff then bone dances and theurgist are great.
  • In terms of pure power it depends on the shop entirely, but Templar is the safest answer because the Classes power is given to you in the form of gold which you can then use in so many other ways.
  • I never thought of it that way, but as most of you say store/gold can change how powerful your character can be.
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