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We need Jimmies to join the Grand Paladin Order!

Are you looking for some purpose in your life? Are you so pathetically weak that no one will give you a job? Well screw those guys, because we have a job for you! The Grand Paladin Order is now recruiting Jimmies to help in the fight against the ageless threat! Benefits include things such as free food, a place to sleep, and Porco Sangrio.
Oh, and we're definitely not recruiting because of casualties, or anything like that. In fact, casualties have been at an all time low this year.
What else... what else... oh yeah, and here's what you do when you're a Jimmy!


  • I actually really like this thematically and it can play well in a campaign where you want everyone to be completely average haha. Also, I LOVE the concept of picking bad effects that then give you gold, and I would love to see that more, maybe as treasures or supplies.
  • I was going to do a life from the point of view as a jimmy in the grand paladin order styled storry (like a journal) but I lost all the work I put into it and gave up. Might try again who knows. Got the next 3 days off work so maybe
  • Is throw stone based off the stone ability in final fantasy tactics by any chance? 
  • There needs to be a "Jimmy / Be a Hero" where in if the player rolls a one. In addition to anything else. They deathroll. The benefit being... I'm not sure? Fame? Yeah. Fame, something that is not a mechanical benefit.
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