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Rockstar custom class!

Compared to the shadow marauder class I made a day ago, this one i'm considering a sub-class of the bard more than a real class, it has a lot of abilities in that style, but more offense focused than the bard. So... Here we go, hope you like it! (Also prepare for heavy metal puns up the wazoo.) The other idea I had with this one would be that theres more strategy to his placement, the rockstar can be a bit more dangerous to party members if they stand too close, but the rockstar can also be effective in the midst of combat, especially when surrounded, because his abilities are mostly 6 space area spells around them.



The bell tolls 

Ghost division

Run to the hills


Dead skin mask


The melter

Fire and flames


Demonic pick

That should be all the cards, I felt this one was a bit op too, but the abilities still seem pretty fun, comment or ask me here if you think theres too little or too much or something off with any of the cards :3

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