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Has anyone noticed we now have two profiles?


  • That's interesting, I guess the purpose is one is more geared towards forums and the other is more of a general one
  • @snicorn ;
    If you click on people's names on the forums now, it links to the new one, not the old one.
  • edited July 2017
    Yup, the one on the main site is very useful - it's the only place you can do daily rolls on mobile.

    EDIT: Actually, looking again, this seems to an entirely new thing. Weird.
  • No, but there's like a personalization to it now that's new. @WwWwW_734
  • I kind of like it, let's you have a small little information about you rather than on the old one you'd have to post a comment and delete it to have something there near you.

  • Looks interesting, maybe its being done to add those changes rob mentioned needed to be done.
    I dont mind either way. the new one looks prettier thougth.
  • that's...interesting.
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