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(Another) New Rob Tweet about the next Campaign!



  • I'm pretty sure this Campaign is going to take 1st place for "Longest delayed campaign" Its been like, a month and a half or something now? I'm not complaining
    though, when Rob says a campaign is nuts, it's usually NUTS.
  • @Domokl Eh, we knew it was going to once per three weeks / monthly this year, so it's not that late when you think about it. And we've got these forums to keep us occupied in the meantime, so it ain't so bad :smile: 
  • inb4 rioting in the forums. I can totally see that happen. 
  • inb4 forum becomes sentient and begins demanding more Urealms content to feed its insatiable hunger
  • That's alright, Rob! I can wait for this Insane Campaign!

    I just really really really want it to come soon! :D
  • Hm... nuts, he says what if that is a hint about the next campaign? *puts on tinfoil head* What if that means there will be nut rain, real nut, lore nut, squirrel enemies appearing, or involving nut jobs we all love or love to hate! 
  • *Inb4 secret Squirrel Boss added to next campaign which gives legendaries*

    Yeah it's fine, i can wait, Its easy to understand how much work goes into running a show like URealms after all with the art, maps, events and the like.

    If anything, if there's one thing im curious of for the next campaign, it's what the next Divine Decision is going to be, because being there for S3C1 and the debut was awesome.
  • I hope the next dive decision would be something silly.
  • I just had a thought; based on the fact that the next campaign is 'nuts', and that it's near and dear to Deadbones, I think the next Campaign might be a Bubble Dimension Campaign.
  • It hasn't been delayed. It just hasn't been announced is a good way of putting it TBH
  • I can't wait for the next campaign and let's be honest magic squirrels isn't exactly a step up at all from what we have in the game already what with hatrats and literal crocodiles with clocks for faces, I personally hope it's a Deadlantis campaign but if rob thinks it's good for the show I'd watch 'Urealms Live Attack of the slow drying paint' 
  • @Domokl it hasn't been delayed. The date for the 2nd campaign hasn't even been announced.
  • @Meganzoor
    I phrased what I said poorly, I meant this is probably the biggest gap between campaigns we've ever had.
  • Hold the phone... we can embed tweets now? Holy sheet, I think my third eye opened just now.
  • I love nuts, no homo
  • I remember making a joke with people in my discord about it being a secert reference to how they're going to reveal lore about kobold genitalia because of said thread.

    Kobold nuts.

  • @OldFredBear If you think about it if you translate what rob wrote into Kobold then he actually said Kobold Kobold Kobold, Koooobold kobold nuts.  And if you translate the first half into Abracadab it becomes Yes Kobold Nuts. 
  • well i think it will be a good Campaign, it normally is! but now when he hyped it up, i really hope that it ends up being great. so that i don't end up being disappointed
  • @KlondikeBar What are you, some kind of P.I.? You've cracked the code, man! You are a genius!
  • edited July 2017
    See, Rawb can't hide shit from us.
    Being a Homestuck fan / Being one of those theorist nerdos helped alot.
  • if rob is taking this much time between every campain he will become the new George RR Martin (6 years since the last book and counting) xD 

    nah i really believe in his word about the next campain beeing legendary, besides with the new idea of the divines decision i think that we'll be rewarded at the end because he knows where the story is goin, so it'll take him less time to figure it out 
  • @Lucius_E I can not remember exactly how but there was proof provided that K 4 was tied to the illuminati.  Maybe theories of that sort should be in their own thread there are so many.
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    WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR A KLONDIKE BAR :drunk:  wait for season 3 campeign 2
  • Deadlantis lets go!
  • yes gona be great
  • lol whoa our forum links twitter correctly? that's god damn amazing.
  • Yes! Deadlantis!
  • Useful tools: Being able to link Twitter posts from Rob
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