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JoJo Stands (Part 4 In Progress)



  • I'd love to play and/or design a ruleset for players to make their own stands for some lighthearted games, like just off the top of my mind you could give a random stand type (close range, long range, etc.) and a random amount of points they use, gaining points for weaknesses and losing them for strengths. I don't know just thinking lol
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    Replacing classes with stands might be the way to go about it. Though you'd have to make gold and stamina for each one and make them balanced. Sethan would have really low stamina and gold for example (and might have to force a negative attribute... Honestly Sethan is broken unless you nerf your character.)
  • I'd disagree with making Stands into classes, @Shuckle. Doing so would effectively say that the character the Stand is bound to is irrelevant, and that it's mostly the Stands that matter. But as we see in the actual JoJo series, the person often matters greatly for how the Stand gets used, and their own skills/knowledge often make a big difference. Therefore, making the Stand bearer effectively worthless in-game seems like a bad idea. Keeping Stands as companions makes more sense in that regard, and also allows for Stands to be imbalanced to fit with their actual natures, instead of artificially buffing Stands meant to be weak.
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    @Arkanite Not at all. You still have the rest of the shop to make your character relevant. The only thing you don't have is the class shop. Stand would still be companion though. Just they would replace classes and come with their own gold and stamina that they give. It's just an option though. If you want people to have Sethan with an overpowered build on top of it so you basically win against everything, by all means. However even in Jojo, that stand was balanced by the user being weak. 
  • I really want to see your take on "Moody Blues".
  • hey guys so I dun goofed and forgot that I made the legendary for Star Platinum but only in the save I have; I never uploaded it here or on the workshop. So... here you go. Semi-spoiler.

  • @lord1agames

    I hate Moody Blues with a passion. It is easily one of the worst Stands of Part 5 and the entire series, IMO. I'm still gonna make it, of course, but I feel bad for the poor guy who gets drafted with it.
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded ;
    I don't hate Moody Blues, I'm just curious about how you're going to go about his abilities.
  • Just caught up with the anime. Time to wait for part 5. Can't wait to see echos. Koichi is easily my favourite part 4 character (Minus Joseph). 
  • Antagonist Stands

    Okay, so I know that I took way too long of a hiatus on this one, but I hope that this makes up for it. All of the Stands of the remaining antagonists of the later parts.

    (Keep in mind that this is all literally 100% spoilers)

    Part 5
    King Crimson

    Part 6
    White Snake


    Made in Heaven

    Part 7
    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Echoes ACT 1, 2, and 3

     Took another hiatus, but I'm going to finish up Part 4 very soon. Now, for Echoes.

     Echoes is complex as hell. But I think I did a good job of simplifying it for the cards. You should literally just put the cards of different ACTS on top of each other in the card slots. The MOST important thing to remember when giving a Player echoes is to only unlock acts 2 and 3 in specific scenarios, and to make sure they understand that they can switch between the 3 acts at any time. So even if they have Act 3, they can switch to Act 1 to use that version's range to scout an area or something. Yeah, this means that there are gonna be 3 separate tiles.
  • The Hand

    The Hand is a pretty simple Stand. It's also super-duper OP if put in the right hands. The passive is there to make up for this fact, as you can't exactly make a player a total idiot like how it was originally balanced. That's not really fair. The Hand's special ability should also probably be pretty fun to mess around with. 

    Harvest is up next.
  • Harvest

    Harvest is pretty simple, all things considered. The only thing of note when having it on the board is that there are literally hundreds of these little creatures. That's what lets them overpower other Stands. Obviously you can't have that many tiles, so that's why i just copy and pasted the art a bunch. And of course, as Minions, they're basically one hit kills. The User is only hurt if all of these little dudes are killed.
  • Just gonna jump right back into this as a bunch of other projects and school distracted me. I actually have just about every single Part 4 Card in a folder right now, I just need to add images to a few and get them ready to upload.

    Some Minor/Enemy Stands

    Stray Cat

    Stray Cat is very simple. The most important thing to remember is that it's a plant. It literally can't move. And being a plant, it'll die/go dormant if not exposed to sunlight for long enough, so it can be easily pacified if you're careful enough.

    Highway Star

    This Stand is also very self-explanatory. It can run real fast. Of course, if you can find and beat the shit out of the User before it catches you, then there isn't really a problem, now is there?

    The Lock

    The Lock is a great enemy for a roleplay encounter. Use it to blackmail and guilt trip Players so that you can steal things from them. But you better carefully select the Player you try to mess with. The Lock doesn't stop people from beating you into a bloody pulp if you mess with them, and I'm sure that anyone who can punch you will definitely do that.


    Also very self-explanatory, (noticing a trend?) and not very dangerous, you should really only use this Stand at all if you're following the original plotline. Use it to alter the identity of the antagonist, and probably kill the User afterwards to cover your tracks.
  • Surface

    Bet nobody expected this to get worked on again. 
  • @CasualCow don't bully me for coming back to projects
  • Personally I love this forum thread, Hope it continues more.
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    Atom Heart Father

    custom card
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    (not spamming these out, will add more to this comment)

    Earth, Wind, and Fire

    custom card

    Love Deluxe

    custom card

    Pearl Jam
  • @FlavorTownReload Psh, we all know Mikitaka wasn't actually a stand user 0/10
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    Most of the cards that you made are incomplete when you click into it, just an issue i notice. The Imgur links don't have this issue.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ You're probably right from what I remember about him. The arrow barely even stabbed him and he can't see stands.
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