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JoJo Stands (Part 4 In Progress)

(imgur links because of non-website art on the cards)

Star Platinum

Make sure you have a particular PC in mind when giving out Star Platinum.

Hermit Purple

Don't make a Player take Hermit Purple unless you absolutely have to. Nobody wants to have the worst Stand from Part 3. Reserve it for an NPC to act as your Joseph or another guide for the plot.


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    Hierophant Green

    Hierophant is a fairly complicated Stand so try to explain it to the Player who receives it as best you can (if you have the knowledge). I can't really fit everything about it on these cards, so if you're really having trouble just go to the JoJo Wiki.
  • Holy shit

    Is that a Urealms reference?
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    Silver Chariot

    Abilities are based around Basic attacks, but the PC with Silver Chariot should be aware of the swordplay fun they can have with it.
  • Never seen an episode of Jojo in my life. I just know the memes. 
    custom card
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    Don't give a PC The World unless you feel like killing yourself. Just follow the regular plot for beating it unless your PC's have a crazy fucking way to do it.

    Magician's Red

    Make sure the Player who receives Magicians Red is aware of the amount of control they have over fire in general. It'll give them a lot more options to play with.
  • Yo, I don't know about others but I'm sure as hell a Jojo based campaign is one of the most fun you can have with a group of friends plus a concerning amount of alcohol. We ran a modified DnD campaign based on Diamond is Unbreakable and it was full of alcohol induced flamboyant idiocy and rolling unnatural number of natural 1s. It was glorious until the end where
    we accidently got stuck in a time loop for all of eternity.

    @Flavor_Town_Reloaded I really want to do another one and using the simplified Urealms rule set for this will definitely be an improvement. So with these cards you are doing dio's work, son.
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded
    Lol about the range irrelevance. I've always thought how stupid it was to say a time stopping power has limited range. But then again, in my headcanon time only moves when you move. So there kind of is a limited range considering it's how fast you can reach your target, not how far your time stopping power can reach.
  • I actually only put that as The World's passive because I had no idea what to put so I checked the jojo wiki and it's listed as a range-irrelevant stand. @MrCharmy
  • Getting infinitely stuck in Bites The Dust sounds absolutely hilarious. I also think a Stardust Crusaders campaign is a lot easier to DM/GM since you can just have Star Platinum do most of the critical story stuff by himself. @Noubi
  • Baite Za Dusto is really fucking dangerous to give a player character lmao. Must've been hilarious
  • Since my previous post, I watched a few episodes of Jojo today. It's good stuff, if a little fast paced. 
  • @Shuckle I sincerely hope you started at part 1
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    The Fool

    It's your choice, but I would generally say that saving this Stand for an NPC in the place of Iggy is the best choice for it instead of giving it to a Player.
  • Some non-Part 3 Stands I'm working on

    custom card

    custom card

    custom card
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded I think I did considering I started at the upbringing of Dio and Jojo. Though I must say... Dio is an asshole and I like it every time he has almost died so far. 
  • @Shuckle Yep that's part 1. And don't worry, he becomes even more of an asshole.
  • It would be weird t just be able to buy these in a shop. So maybe you get a random Stand when you buy the "Stand Arrow"? (Make a "Stand Arrow" please.) And please no requiem stands!
  • @lord1agames The idea I was going with is that in the campaign is that all of our players would become Users by being shot with The Arrow in the first encounter. Of course they would have to Deathroll.
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    Some ENEMY STANDS. Not even sure if I'm going to give them art or abilities. most of them are pretty straight-forward and easy to make up situations for.

    custom card

    custom card

    custom card

    custom card
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded That's a great idea!
    And please give all the stands abilities. Some only have one ability so they don't have to be on a separate card I guess.
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    @lord1agames Well my reasoning is that some of them like Bastet would be really dumb. Like, I don't need an ability card just for placing down the thing for the players to touch. The enemy stands basically have their whole deal explained on the card, and the GM should be able to deduce an encounter from that. Like Anubis, it makes whoever it possesses a master swordsman. That makes for some crazy shit the GM can do. That's kinda why I don't want to make cards for stuff like that. And honestly for about every Stand besides The World, all of the enemy stands in Stardust Crusaders kinda operate on that rule of just having one specific thing they can do, and half of them don't even have an actual form they take to fight with. They're just objects. So most of the stuff they do, the GM should be deciding. Not like a card for The Emperor that's just named: "Shoot Gun" with a specific set of Damage and the ability to change the bullets course mid-air.
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    Crusader Killer I mean Cream is up now. I don't expect people to follow the rules on the passive regarding vampirism and stuff, but I plan on doing prequel campaigns (because part 3 is just a good place to start from in a game sense,) and following the general storyline and rules of the universe regarding stuff like that so I gotta start that shit somewhere.

    Went back and added some advice for how to handle every player-related Stand.


    Yeah Cream should be pretty easy to play. Don't beat the fuck out of your Players too hard, but go for the kill when it's a proper time in the story.
    And that concludes the Major Stands of Part 3, but of course there are numerous smaller villains to complete, such as the oingo boingo or D'arby brothers. So still a lot more work to do. I'll try to do all of them before moving on to Part 4.
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    I've decided when dealing with most Enemy Stands to not do art or other abilities for them, unless they have a distinct physical form or multiple abilities unique to it. Most are simple enough for the GM to make stuff up for.

    The Emperor

    custom card

    Case 1, The Emperor. It's really simple. It's a gun. The Foe shoots at the Party. They can change the course of bullets. Damage should be decided based on where someone gets shot.
  • i love jojo, and i love these cards! well done!
  • I'll make a workshop mod soon for all of the stuff I guess. Seems easier for everyone since most of it is already in-game right now and I don't wanna make people edit their own custom decks and tiles and shit.
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    Another enemy stand, The Hanged Man, is done. This is also serving as an example for what i'm doing with the antagonists' Stands. It's a fairly complex one, so it needs it's abilities to compensate.

    The Hanged Man

    This could either be very difficult for Players to figure out or very easy. Just make sure that you have an environment where The Hanged Man can actually work in a fight.
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    another one done. A big text dump but honestly Yellow Temperance is pretty simple (and also I couldn't find any fucking picture without Rubber Soul in it for a clean edit for the cards).

    Yellow Temperance
    custom card

    Just make sure you have a way for the Players to beat the User.

  • yeah so I just thought that I would avoid any actual logos when making this thumbnail so I just made a typical shitpost one instead. So uh... there ya go, everthing I've done so far.
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded the most atrociously perfect shitpost logo I have ever seen. Hats off to you, gentleperson.
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