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Updated: Bogvold - Both maps is done

edited July 2017 in Custom Maps
Hey guys. It was after my first game with Urealms that my wish to make a campaign grew.  After many hours fighting Gimp I finally made something that is playable. This will be the first map in my campaign "Journey to Bogvold" that I hope to host with 4 players that has never played before. 

I got some very good help with the assets from people on the forums. These are the names of users that I found helpful while making my map: Jorre, Aptmage, meganzoor and Spacewalker. Most of the assets is from Urealms Live.


After some days with work I am finally finished with the second part of the campaign.I am just glad it is finished.
Now I can start with a new one that I think will be a lot better.

EDIT: Added meganzoor to the list of people that deserve credit. 
EDIT 2: Moved second waterstream so it fits the first map better.

EDIT 3: Added shadows below cliffs to make it easier to see what is lowground or highground.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • Well this is god damn wonderful.
  • I really like the colors you chose!
  • It's beautiful!
    Great work, keep it up. <:)
  • @snarkyslytherin ;

    I mostly used this Color Palette.

    It made my job so much easier. I recommend having few colors when making a map. It looks much cleaner and more pleasant to play on. 
  • Wow! I'd love to play on such a unique quality map!
  • Amazing map man
  • Hey, I did a quick improv campaign with some buddies on this map and it was pretty fun. I decided to do a whisper snake for the lake and the sheer size of it made it fun to see what choices the players made trying to jump between rocks I had set up. 

    I think what I like most is this map seems like it has a lot of replayability since you can basically start in tons of different spots.
  • That looks really great! I'll definitely be using this for a campaign

  • edited July 2017

    Thanks man. For me there is no bigger compliment than hearing that someone actually played on my map.

    This map is heavily combat focused, to make it easier for my first time being GM. Some scenerios I made is a bandit faking that he is injured by the boat, luring a player to check on him. After rolling to see how much the player gets fooled, bandits starts to surround the players. 

    I had the same idea with the jump to rocks in the water pool, with more of a Charybdis enemy. 
    Currently working on the second part of the campaign. I will most likely post it on the forums so that people can have a full campaign. After that I will start making a campaign with more roleplay and story in focus. Writing a lot right now, but I find everything with TTS, Urealms and the forums very compelling. 
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