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Dice Roll Analysis for Season 2

Hey guys!

I am back again with a new and improved Roll Data Analysis! I've updated the look, making it easily readable, added Legendary and Death Roll trackers, and a fully fleshed out Totals Sheet with loads more information!

Unlike last time, I've made this as accessible as possible for everyone, even you non-spreadsheet nerds! :smile:

So please enjoy the new, and improved, Season 2 Roll Data Analysis!

SURPRISE! Season 1 as well!

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I am back with some more Roll Data Analysis! Yay! :3 This time for Season 2! As requested, I added in Legendary and Death Rolls into the Trackers. I also updated the look a bit, added some stuff, made it look a bit nicer. I hope you enjoy! As always, please feel free to leave some feedback and share any ideas you may have for Season 3

There is a LOT more information than the previous one I shared. Those who's feeble little minds can't handle graphs and lots of numbers may want to pass this by. But for those of you who aren't shaken by that kind of thing, I bring you Season 2's Roll Data Analysis
(The images have this weird bug that makes them overlap some of the stuff when you first load the tab. Just go to another tab and back to fix it)

PS. I also retrofit Season 1's roll data into the new format:

@Rob @DeadBones @Coestar


  • this is a little bit insane my man!
  • Well. Internet is a great place for insane/smart people to do this kind of stuff. 
  • his picture IS Phineas, rawb, of course its insane
  • This is awesome. well done my dude
  • WOW! This is amazing. Thanks for putting in all this work.
  • neat so how many decades did this take?
  • Milbee with the highest average death roll in The Fall Of Dundinborough...
  • This is really well done and detailed, great job, dude!
  • Awesome.:)  You could do a comparison between s1 and s2. how the guy inproved or failed in change in the system.
  • Interesting how in total 20 people got legendaries.
  • Its been an hour and i am still not done looking this over, major props to you man!
  • This is really interesting to see how every single roll in the S2 Campaigns came out, and actually shows some interesting things, such as how DB never rolled a 20 in Okagnoma nor 4 different numbers in TOUW, and the players all didn't roll a specific number in Woodcarvers.

    Especially interesting is how 1s appeared the most of any number in the Murder Bros, likely because of Niso constantly ignoring them with All In though [He got 14 rolls of 1 in that campaign!].

    This is neat, plan on making something like this when S3 wraps up?
  • whoa, math
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    This is actually amazing and as a math geek I find it really interesting to see all the averages work out with probability, or don't work out, but it's interesting to see the average roll for each player haha
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    The game was telling Rob "This ability is really broken" during Murder Bros. I knew the ones where high, but 14 is insane (All hail N1sov1n)
  • @Rob Thanks Rawb! I am Hex! Master Analyst! :evilsmile: 

    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Yeah, if it wasn't for All In, Nisovin would've been screwed. But lets not forget Roamin's insane 20 spree in Unexpected Discovery, 14 rolls with six 20's and five 19's? Insanity.  And yes, I will be doing Season 3. 
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    What I want to do sometime in the future, is make a small app that puts all the rolls onto a timeline that you can scrub through and all the stats/graphs/trackers will change based on where you are in the timeline. Watching the stats change as I recorded the rolls was one of the coolest things and I would love to let people see it like I did. I forget the exact details but there was a Campaign where one Player was absolutely dominating the roll stats for a majority of the time but then slowly lost the top spot one by one until they were no longer on any tracker.

    So, look for that in the future.

    Oh and...

    @heartgold3 Took about 2 weeks total work. Most of it was just watching the shows and recording the rolls.

    @dutchspacewalker I am working on is a Series Analysis that contains the rolls for all the Seasons and a Season Comparison Tracker is one of the things I have planned to implement into that. The one thing about doing something like that is future-proofing it so I don't have I go back in and add Seasons manually so it will take some time to figure out how to do that.
  • ... You know i thought i had to much free time but... this is just... wtf?!?
  • @Tinethewizard Well... I work 2 jobs and raise a family so I wouldn't call it "free time". I like to refer to it as "effective time management". Also, when you're good at something, it doesn't take as much time as people think. Like I've said in a previous comment, the longest part was simply watching the Campaigns and recording the results, but that is something I can do while do other things. Audio queues and wireless Bluetooth dongles were my best friends. When you love something like I love URealms, my family, and making money, you find time :dank: 
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    So apparently Justin has the best luck. He rolled the second highest number of times. has the most 20's and by far the least 1's, and Poor coe's the unluckiest with least 20s and most 1s.
    Edit: Looking even more, Justin's least rolled value in season two was 1, and he got his legendary 4 times. the second highest after Coe.
  • Data might be even better than fish pudding!
  • #MathSucks

    ...Unless it's in a well organized, easy to understand, useful graph!
    Well done my friend!
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    Glad to have you back man.
  • This is really interesting. The amount of effort you put into this astonishing. Nice job my man! The sheer amount of detail is crazy. I feel like I could spend 2 months reading through it.
  • It is pretty crazy seeing this and seeing Karl Landers commemorated as the best burst damage in the game is pretty awesome.
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    @Hex That would be amazing i am looking forward to it.  Beside I hope rawb will put it on the website one day.
    edit: if you need help, i can put some numbers down while i watch the next live show.
  • @Hex ;
    if you need help in the future, let me know!
  • edited July 2017
    @Dutchspacewalker I won't need help on recording the roll data because, even if you do record them, there's special formatting I do that doesn't relate to just the roll values. Thanks for the offer though!

    @snarkyslytherin Do you know how to program embedded webapps? That's really all I'll need help with. I know PHP and general programming syntax/concepts but there will be a lot of Java specifics that I may need help with. I want to make something that Rawb/Nisovin can easily implement into the site with just a few lines of code.
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