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Race Mod: Kobold Fur

custom card

The most defining feature of a Kobold is it's fur; whether they are from the highest mountains of Triton or wandering the Wastes of the Silverflats, their fur is defined by what they eat, be it rock or meat or Dragon Scales. These Custom Cards, known as Kobold Furs, give them special Passives that reflect on what they eat, at the cost of their guaranteed 10 Damage with Basic Attacks. These are some of the Custom Passives I have thought of for them:
custom card

Let me know what you guys think, and suggest your own Kobold furs!

(This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit.)


  • I like them, but Golden Fur feels like it would be OP compared to the rest of them, unless I'm understanding 
    it wrong. Does it just let you buy any Spell in the game as long as you have the money? Because that's like 5 spells just with the Passives  gold. Maybe I'm not understanding
    it right though.
  • @Domokl Yes, that's what I intended through it. I guess that is OP. Maybe it should give less Gold?
  • That could work, maybe 200 or 300 gold. Or maybe you could change up getting any spell in the game, It could be" You may buy any Non Legendary Spell in the game, you may do this up to 3 times" or something like that.
  • Where's my Sandbold?
  • Back in season 2 i came up with the idea to have gold and obsidian kobolds. The gold kobolds would be immune to one magic type of their choice but only be able to move 3 spaces unless they sprinted because gold was heavy, and the obsidian variety would be very bulky and tough like actual obsidian. I ultimately gave up on the concept because spells did not have element properties on their cards at the time and Kobolds that just ate a very dense rock that was near volcanoes seemed unrealistic for this world as we have never seen a volcano.
  • @friskyBrisky I thought the most defining feature of a kobold was there dick
  • @Tinethewizard Now here is someone that knows the truth! Preach it, brother!
  • this is really cool!
  • I like the idea, but I would change the effects. For one, dragon scaled should be rarer but more rewarding or at least unique (I assume not many kobolds can get their hands on dragon silver). Maybe they could get the divinity or divine scales passive instead (it's still a bit of a trade-off because it forces the insane attribute on you, but maybe you have a better idea). If anything, I would think gem fur would be able to redirect spells because that's kind of want the gemlord does. Giving them spellwall armor (especially odd since that item was removed) as a passive is a bit too overpowered. Metallic also doesn't really make sense except for bullets. You could just give them a stamina bonus, I don't know.

    Overall, still a pretty cool idea.
  • @SpectrePierogi @Gent Thanks! Yeah, these are still rough works in Progress, and they do need more work. Plus, I'm still working on more. I originally did want to make Dragon Scaled more OP, but I'm not entirely sure how to make it harder to find in a TTS Deck.

    @Minion Still working on their passive. I don't just want to make them mandatory Sandbenders; I want them to be cool. I might give them the 'Scrolls of the Sandbold', or some variation of it that isn't as OP as Duke Daring's is.
  • @friskyBrisky I think you just have to add more of the other passives.

    (If a sandbold gets hit by a fire spell do they become a glassbold???)
  • This would be really good for races for an all kolbold campaign, have these as the race choices and give a base racial of double dice/10 damage basics

  • @Gent i mean if its a good fireball that some how hits all around there body and they live then they maybe will.
  • Wouldn't eating only dragon scales make the Kobold basically forever young? 
  • @Shuckle Eating Dragon Scales only make elves younger; for kobolds they see past the fourth wall. In the Blood Tome donation events from The Buckaroo's campaign, they mention how they can see us. We only know what happens to kobolds and elves for Dragon Scales so far.
  • @polutropos ;
    Oh I see. Then I guess it should have something to do with seeing the old gods?
  • @polutropos They also get young from it (or at least, Empussa claims she does), but yes, eating those Scales also makes them crazy/psychic.
  • UPDATED CARDS, Including some popular Suggestions:
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card

    Still reworking a couple of them (specifically Dragon Scaled). I don't know what to do with Scaled (Eating Lizards, Amphibians and Fish) currently.
  • I really like this. It still needs some refinement sure. And the kobold passive would have to change to something like... "You always roll two dice, draw a fur card"
  • edited October 2017
    i think this could work and i like the idea, but if we look at what current colors kobolds come in so far (White/Ida, Light Brown/Romulus, Dark Brown/Philhipé, Gray/Kinney,) 
    then colors like Metallic and Gem seem weird. yes they eat stones and such stuff, and there fur is rock like, but white fur makes it seem like their fur colors has more to do with their environment then what they eat.
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