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Q: Transparent Gems?

Would it be possible to have the gems (mostly refering to the Elemental gems but others would be neat too) on a transparent background? For use in other images without having to edit out the backing color? Would of course not be allowed to be used for things that would infringe (such as labeling something as "official", using without credit, or use in something trying to be monetized), but would even sharing it not be possible for whatever reason? Or would you just not wish to straight up share assets, even smaller ones such as those?


  • Give users an inch they ask for a mile!

    We pick and choose which assets to share, but we don't intend to just give out every photoshop file and piece of artwork we create for the public to use.  The more stuff I release, the more stuff I have to support and this just isn't something I see any value in releasing. 
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