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Full| Tommorrow 4:30CST|Soft Combatty| New Folks Preferred

edited June 2017 in Looking for Party
LF: 3 More Players
When: Tomorrow 4:30 for 4 hours with probably a half hour break after character creation, I am able to longer if needed, but if you can't we can always NPC ya.
Style: Should be a good mix, of combat and role play, but lots of soft combat enocunters
Skill Level: I'd prefer new people, just because its my first GMing of the season 

Hey, I'm looking for 3 more players for a campaign I'd like to run about Kolbold's stealing back a Mcguffin from the Gnomish mob, and also there is time travel. I'm pretty rusty at doing roleplay characters, but I think everything should be pretty chill. 


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