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Nova Realms - Operation Surestrike - Episode 0

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Hey guys, Emperor here!

Now, my friends and I run a fan-campaign series of URealms known as Nova Realms! The video linked below is our first official campaign of Season 1 (using the Season 3 mechanics). The players will be playing as Mercenaries apart of the Ironskin Pact who have been hired by an Elven Noble named Raiden Irestone to investigate why the Elven Metropolis of Arzus has gone silent over the past few months!

If you'd like to watch us live, the link is in the description of the video! We'd hopefully be live on Sunday the 25th at 1pm EST!

Thanks for reading! (And yes, before you asked, I got the okay from Rawb to post this. Proof: )
~ Emp :)


  • Neato! If I can, I'll go check it out. :)
  • Do you think it's necessary to watch the ProQuests first or is it good enough to watch by itself
  • @TinyBomby ;
    If you want the reason why Arzus fell to be revealed to then yes, watch the last ProQuest.
  • @TinyBomby all the other proquests other than the 6th one are nigh unwatchable due to volume issues anyway.
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    @Roguish ;
    I told you, they are watchable, it's just that you may need to adjust you're volume to be higher than normal to watch them.
  • Silly me, I forgot to post the Twitch Link! Here it is:
  • this is a neat thing. ima sub <3 
  • Hey Guys!

    I'm posting here to let you know that Nova Realms will be coming live with our first campaign in about 30ish minutes. The link is above!
  • I cant wait to watch!
  • Ive started watching the first ProQuest to get a taste of your style and Im enjoying it so far. Im interested to see how your groups makes the style your own in the coming campaigns.
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    Hey guys, thanks for tuning into the Stream on Sunday for those who did! Sorry for some of the mistakes that happened during the show, I'm still not really good at this whole streaming thing, and this is all a learning process. Anyways, the videos are slowly going up onto Youtube for those who missed it and wanted to check it out!
  • Got into a campaign a bit through the stream but was fun while I was there. 
  • Hey Guys! Quick update time!

    So all the videos were released to Youtube, and I also just uploaded the Behind the Scenes for my Campaign! Here's the link if you want to see it.

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