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Q: A silly question to rob

A very long time ago you did the old unforgotten realms stuff. In one of the videos you made a joke about if 'mike' is so bored with all the roleplay that he should play unforgotten realms 4th edition. Is that the same fate for urealms?

also if you cant tell this is just a small joke and bring it up cause I remember that being in a old episode just the other day. Anyway I cant wait till the next campaign! You and the Urealms group is amazing I love you all! 


  • Thanks for all the love dude. Unforgotten Realms and URealms are not same universe, instead I have just reintroduced Characters and ideas from the old show and done small references to jokes. The joke you are talking about is in reference to D&D 4th edition which at the time was relevant to to the show.
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