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why is black desert online actually FUN

i bought this game because it was like 5 bucks and the only cool part of it that i've ever heard of is the charcater creation so I thought it would just be another shitty generic asian RPG but it's actually pretty good and I'm not sure why.


  • Is it? I don't like genderlocked games so idk if I should get it
  • I ended up buying it and just fished/tamed horses for 80 sum odd hours
  • I like the fast pacing it has.
  • The thing about BDO is, you get what you put into and/or afk it. I LOVE the combat, they seem to be releasing 1-2 classes a year which makes up for the gender/race locking. I enjoy the prospect of little to no fast-travel. It feels like a living, breathing world whether you're there or not. You can play it humbly and still find enjoyment in progressing. The only issue is, if you want to be in the 1%, you need to work HARD. Like. Every single day hard.
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