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Soundtracks in TTS

I've really been wanting to try and immerse my players more in my campaigns by playing some of the music from the soundcloud album, but I've tried numerous ways to no avail. I don't think its possible, since the TTS tablet requires you to download adobe flash player. Is it impossible to play it in TTS?


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    I honestly don't know, but there might be a way that you could import the music to the MP3 player in TTS, or make a new object that has the music. You would probably need to go into the card editor or something to do it though.
  • An alternative would be to set up a music bot on Discord and play music through the call. Plenty of tutorials online on how to do that.
  • @Pearadox I guess that works as well
  • Go into TTS
    Go to Objects>Tools>Tablet

    Google some fantasy music playlist or a super long video like this one.

    The mod will autoplay the music for the whole group and should be in a relative sync. If your looking to change the music on the fly it gets a lot more complicated when honestly this is enough for just general RP games without getting too fancy.

  • @Rob Thanks for the feedback, but I promptly found a replacement set of music for some of the more intense battle themes I was looking for that I could play on youtube: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure themes!
  • @Astora more like the pillarmen's awaken theme
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