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Blazing Den (volcano/mountain/lava/dragon)

I present to you the Blazing Den! Thank you @Jaden582 for the suggestion this time around! (I couldn't fit all of the detail you wanted in this map but I hope you're cool with how it turned out) Shout out to the T-Rex skull and Tiger Skeleton references I used to make the dragon body. This map is intended to be a Dragon Den but because of the dragon bones you could say it is outside, in the mouth of a volcano, and therefore was easily discovered by some would-be dragon slayer (as apposed to the usual underground breeding dens that are much harder to find). 

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Alright, let's get ta raffle'n: First to roll a 20 in this thread can suggest the overall theme and location for the next map, you can only roll 3 times (preferably in the same comment), the maps aren't commissions so please do not claim them as your own if you do happen to win the raffle, don't disrespect the winners suggestion, and I maintain the right to veto any suggestions I deem unacceptable.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • I'm definitely going to have to use this for a campaign sometime. I can already picture a gauntlet-style encounter where the players have to get to the bottom of the map as quickly as possible, while being bombarded by Dragonflies and the occasional whelpling. It looks absolutely awesome!
  • that looks really good, great job
  • @Ulthax ; Sick! Better luck next time, bucko!  >_< >_< >_<
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    Gah, your avi reminded me of the Susurflame... I should have referenced it and had a blade impaled into the dragon skull :(  @LexderMob ;
  • Every time I see your maps they never cease to impress me with the high quality detail you put into them. 10/10 no 10/10 10/10 oh yes 10/10
  • Better get those Sea Bones out!
  • this looks amazing mate!
  • I really like seeing all the maps you make, dude.  I've been playing around with making some public campaign outlines for them, and boy this one has got the inspiration flowing.

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    This looks absolutely stunning. 
  • I appreciate all the support, fellas  :)
    @DrMcGoodTimes McGoodTimes is right, congratulations! (1's don't overule 20's here, friend, Im not that mean) Describe to me the kind of map you would like to see and I will try my best to create it.
  • Once more an amazing map and once more I am too late for my legendary. I mean to roll.
  • Just like your other work, this is amazing! well done dude.
  • I'm starting to think the 3 rolls per person was a little too lenient on my part. It only took 4 comments to get a twenty here, 5 on my last one, a grand total of 25 on the one before that (which was before the new rules) but that one felt way to spammy tbh @Minion
  • @NeoReaperXIII Another great map well done! Just finished a campaign today using the Seru Lais forest map you made and had a blast!
  • @Aptmage haha nice! I updated that map recently to give the players more space to move btw. Also made a version without all of the extra props. It's all in the same post
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    Edit: just wanted to test something, disregard this comment
  • Cool beans!  Just wanted to check on that 1, yeah.  That's some sort of luck, getting both on one batch...

    I was thinking something like a map of a small farming town.  Tavern, blacksmith, a temple, fields, the whole deal, but with a very eerie vibe to it.  The sort of town where outsiders get looked at funny, you can hear the wolves howl but never see them, you're sure that scarecrow wasn't there a second ago...  Not sure if that's a bit too flimsy of an idea, so if you'd rather I change it just let me know and I'll spit out a second idea.
  • Fantastic map. I love the faint glow of the lava making it look that much warmer. The cave entrance is a nice inclusion too as it gives some opportunity for expanding the map for those that feel like adding more to their campaigns.
  • Oh, spooky! I'll see what I can do @DrMcGoodTimes
  • @NeoReaperXIII im a little late to the party but YES it looks great and i cant wait for a chance to use it thanks for this  >_<
  • This is really good. The skeleton is really well done and the shading giving it different levels of depth is brilliant!!! :)
  • Once again you maps are amazing I hope you continue to make more  >:)
  • THat's an awesome looking map :wow: Give us more;D
  • @JackOfTheFlames  D'oh, thanks man. I will hop back on the map train just as soon as I finish my current WIP for sure! :smileporc: 

  • I wish I could draw this well :( 
    Nice map dude!
  • @Docter_DIngo I appreciate it my man!  :)
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