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Spider Den

A very simple map that could be used for a sort of linear cave adventure.

Outside there's a small pathway and some thin woods leading to the entrance to the den, with some pools of spider venom as indicators. Maybe some Thralls or an early spider fight lay there for the Party?

In the upper-left is an area full of cages, perhaps some ageless-goblins living with the spiders are taking prisoners?

In the bottom-right, some platforms which make some interesting terrain for your spiders to gain an advantage over. Players would have to either try to knock them down to ground level and chase them around as they climb all over the battlefield, or climb up to fight them on a smaller arena.

 In the far back of the cave there's an area representing where the Venomburner would lay its eggs (I don't know if an Ageless Spider even does that, but I thought it would be neat to have a fiery bed of eggs to fight on).

Trees and some small plants come from Aptmage's custom assets, a link and some of his maps can be found here!

Rocks, platform, and cave entrance come courtesy of The Cobblers Map, which has been released by Rawb

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • Ooh this could be great for a shorter game and maybe even pickup games that may want to start a group but don't know if they'll blend well.
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