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Nintendo's Super SOLID E3

Alright so can we just talk about Nintendo's announces at E3, because HOOOOOOOLY SHIT. They've swept the floor with all their competition making them look like a joke. This has got to be one of, if not the best, year Nintendo's ever had.


  • Eeh, perhaps. I think it was a pretty lukewarm year compared to the one before. Every attendant had a decent, certainly not worse than average presentation (even Ubisoft). As for Nintendo, i'm glad they are showing support for and give a reason to buy a Switch. It certainly feels like they learnt from the mistakes they made with the WiiU, that's a good thing.

    Also the fact that they acknowledged the existence of Metroid really makes me a happy camper.
  • Yeah, there's no doubt Nintendo 'won' E3. Yoshi and Kirby for next year look dope, TWO new Metroid games, one this year, one who knows when but it's still hype. New Mario coming out earlier than I thought at least, Mario xcom, aka Mario + Rabbids looked like it would be bad but it looks good, Zelda DLC looks cool, and while I'm not a big fan of them, Fire Emblem and Xenoblade look good
  • Xenoblade is planned for this year  :smileneena:
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    @Noubi Last year all they talked about was a new Zelda game really. That's it. THAT'S a pretty luke warm year. Nintendo has just had an amazing year in general, even without E3. We've gotten the switch, Arms, Mario Odyssey Announced, Skyrim with Amiibo support, Rocket League, Fifa 18 Which means for the first time in forever Nintendo will ACTUALLY have 3rd party creators on their side. The first EVER Pokemon game for a Nintendo Console has been announced that it's in the works. Not only do we get the first real Metroid game in 7 years, but we get 2! The new Yoshi game looks stunning. This is the first Kirby game in awhile that's not gimmicky and could just be a new IP all together, and actually returns to it's roots. Fire Emblem Warriors which looks great. Splatoon 2. A Sonic Game that almost doesn't make me vomit when I see it! A Xenoblade 2. Saying last year was a better year for Nintendo is really just silly.
  • You are absolutely right, Nintendo 2017 had an objectively better line up than Nintendo 2016 (though I would argue the reason for last year's drought was mainly the development of the Switch). Nintendo certainly did good this year, but they kinda had to in order to make sure that there are reasons to get a Switch and not just re-sell it after completing BotW. @Timedagger100
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    Nintendo wiped the floor what?

    A lackluster dlc 1 for Zelda, with dlc2 looking to be pretty good.
    A metroid prime 4 with no date  or trailer. (Hyped as fuck for this but they showed absolutely nothing)
    A metriod 2 remake that is DS only.
    Announcing a mainline pokemon game but with no information at all, not even a title drop.
    Fire Emblem game looks good as well.
    EDIT: Forgot kirby looks fucking great and yoshi looks eh, another wool yoshi game is really dragging it out.
    I love Nintendo to bits but I really think people overhyper them a ton this E3. It was an average showing.

    Again I think best showing of this E3 goes to Sony.A few reshows but a ton of unique 3rd party games, more VR games. The Monster hunter new game and the Shadow of Colossus remake.
  • @DoctorWorm You say this but you're ignoring a lot of other things. They've shown the big secret of Mario Odyssey, This is not another "Wool Yoshi Game" it's different, the only thing similar is that it has a unique art design and gimmick, bu that's just a real big generalization. Xenoblade 2 is something I know a lot of people are hyped for. Plus you've just ignored the fact Nintendo is having big name third party companies produce for the switch, that's a BIG deal. Something like that has not happened to Nintendo for awhile. 

    Then you have people like Microsoft, Whose 4k, 60 FPS, 4k, 60 FPS, 4k, 60FPS Minecraft, MINECRAFT demo was their biggest thing. You have EA who tried to hide the fact  that the only thing they had to show was Battlefront II. The only other company that had more than 1 or 2 things that were interesting or spectacular was Bethesda or Sony really. (Although I did miss a couple so I could be dead wrong I dunno, lemme know which ones you liked.) In regards to what you said about Sony though I guess that comes down to a matter of opinion, I don't have a VR system and really couldn't care less for any VR games being made. So once you ignore the VR games all they have is Shadow and Monster Hunter, that being said though, those are some damn good things to have. It was just kinda hard for Nintendo to be beat in my opinion and I think they're really getting into the swing of things now with their Switch.

    @Noubi I think you're really discrediting them, saying they only did good because they had to is quite silly, every company has  to do good or else they'd fail. I'd agree their drought last year was mainly because of the Switch but that doesn't mean it's automatically becomes a good year because of it.
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    @Timedagger100 ;
    I have to say Nintendo still does better than 90% of the other shows out there in pretension style and it's releases but I don't think I'm being unfair. The switch is the console I've sunk the most time into since it's launch, and with ARMs and kirby it'll probably keep that way.

    Mario Odyssey's big secret was shown before, with the huge galaxy like world being improved on. It's hat game play pretty much revealed since it was shown to be a living thing.
    This is the 3rd Wooly Yoshi game, you can't honestly say it's going to be this innovation and new game design Nintendo is known for. I really don't think I'm underestimating how samey  they game will be.
    Xenoblade I can't knock off, game looks good and have been hoping for another one for a while. Seriously hope it's a mad hitter.

    In terms of 3rd party-
    We have skyrim. A close to 6 year old game, that honestly people are tired of. Every mention of it on the switch has been lack luster.
    Rocket League is a pretty damn good match, with the online play i really hope it picks up a solid player base. But it's a  very 1D game that I feel doesn't bring a lot of Hey look at me buy me  to the switch.
    The Fifa port. What a big get for Nintedo right? A half game missing the story mode one of its most important features.

    Microsoft, EA and Bethesda (lets no even mention the PC section) were lack luster and nothing but sales pitch as per usual. If you aren't into VR then I can see why you'd be more than meh at the Sony conference. More than half the titles were revolved are their VR as its something they are really trying to push. But they still had (im restating a few of these) Monster Hunter, Shadow Remake, Horizon DLC and the new spiderman. I feel its to early to make any good or bad calls on the spiderman game though as we only seena  fraction of game play.

    My main point even with all the rambling is that both put on a great conference, but asinine statements like 'Nintendo swept the floor' is just plain wrong.
  • @DoctorWorm ;
    "does better than 90% of the other shows" Wow, you are so very right. How dare I say such an asinine statement about how well Nintendo did versus their competitors. 

    Mario Odyssey's "big secret" (Which I'll go on record and say was a poor choice of words, perhaps gameplay gimmick would be more suiting) wasn't the huge galaxy, it was the fact you could literally take control of people and objects, perhaps I wasn't being very clear but that's something new, unique, and refreshing honestly.

    This is not the 3rd Yoshi's Woll game, because, unless we were looking at very different games, I didn't see any wool in it. I'm not saying this Yoshi game is going to be revolutionary to the industry. I just said it looked nice and had a neat gimmick. Also what would be so wrong with a third wooly Yoshi game, huh? I wouldn't appose it. They look great and are fun to play.

    As with the 3rd party thing I don't think you quite grasp why this is a great thing. It's not so much the actual games that matter here, that being said I would love to get Rocket League and Skyrim. Say what you want but 6 years later and Skyrim is still one of my all time favorite games and they ability to play it on the go will be fantastic. The fact of the matter is we have big Third Party Companies willing to take the extra time to code their games to work on the Switch. Yes right now it is underwhelming, but this is just them testing the waters and they need support right now. Cause if they don't get it they won't put more time and resources in the future to produce games for the Switch which would just be another travesty. 

    Monster Hunters great, Shadow of the Colossus Remake is great, Horizon DLC is kinda whatever for me. DLC announcements at E3 has always been a meh topic for me, which is why I kinda glazed over the Zelda one to, and shiiiiiiiiit I forgot about Spiderman, I'm quite interested to see how that turns out. That being said keep in mind VR is only enjoyed by a small percentage of the population as the price to get one is quite high, which is one reason I discredited them so.

    Perhaps the "making them look like a joke" thing was unnecessary and uncalled for, but when you look at EA and Microsoft, was it really that far off? Another thing is I don't really care to much about the actual conferences, I just care about what they announced.

    One last thing is this, I debated on whether or not it was really worth it to respond to what you said, but when you took a post that was just pure excitement, albeit maybe slightly misguided, for a company that is special to everyone's child hood and has been through hell and back lately, then just decided instead of talking about the good things Sony did as well you would degrade me and completely discredit Nintendo I had to respond. Honestly now, I hope we can get back to highlighting what truly matters, some super cool video games.
  • @Timedagger100 ;

    I think I took the thread In the wrong light, with the swept the floor quote and the rest. Sorry bout that. I didn't mean to come in and be overly critical of Nintendo, I've always been on the side of take a look a thing thing from an outside prospective. Hence my shunning of the 3rd party games for being lackluster.

    It has been a great year for Nintendo and well deserved, hoping next E3 has at least half the stuff this year has shown.-

  • But Wolfenstein
  • This is the first year of their new generation of console, they actually do have to perform well in order to make sure by the holiday season parents put a Switch under the Christmas tree for their kids rather than an XBone or a PS4. Believe it or not, I adore Nintendo and I want them to do well because I dread the idea of after another lackluster performing console they pull a Konami and (instead of pachinko) go full mobile/handheld. (Technically they are half way there already lol)
    I hate to be cynical about video games mainly because I use it as my primary outlet of escapism but can't help it, "one always critical of the thing they care about". Anyway I hope I'm wrong and they will do great, that would be a win-win for all.@Timedagger100
  • @Alvacado ;

    Oh shit yeah, i completely forgot about that. New Order was fantastic and the trailer for this was brilliant. Super can't wait for when it drops on PC.
  • I still can't believe I got emotionally invested in the story of a game where in the earlier installment of which you kill mechanized Hitler dual-wielding two chain guns. @DoctorWorm @Alvacado ;
  • @CookiesAndMil_ I love xcom, but "mario xcom" doesnt look that good. I'll probably buy it anyway.
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    E3 was pretty good in general, quite liked the pcgaming show.

    Nintendo was ok, having said that I've really liked their IPs, (especially with how often they've rereleased the same games) and nothing they showed was that surprising except for the rayman crossover. But I can see how one would have loved what they announced.
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