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It would be cool if something special happened when you roll a 1 or 20 on the site, also mini-games.

Right now rolling a 1 or 20 just gives the flat value (maybe a bit more, can't remember), so it might be neat if instead if you get a 1 you get a penalty for your daily gain, or vice versa for the 20.

On another note, I find myself only visiting the site to pick up my daily exp/gold, would be cool if there were some mini-games on the site to earn additional exp/gold. It is unreasonable to ask any of the people working on urealms to do that, but if the community were to make a urealms related minigame, could it be added to the site (assuming it is high enough quality)? It might make it worth brushing up on my webdev for a summer project.


  • I think it could be cool if it displayed how many twenties or ones you've rolled somewhere. Also Flairs next to names could be cool.
  • If the show grows a lot this upcoming season, I could see Rob having people solely working on cool things for the forums. To be fair, Nisovin might already do this, but I'm unsure of if he works on campaigns and if this is his job or not. 
  • OK a lot of people have mentioned adding more to 1s and 20s but i STRONGLY disagree. On a 20, you already get 50 instead of 20 and this is honestly enough. However, I have personally rolled 4 1s already and if I LOST gold from that I would be really upset, so I like that there's no penalty to it.
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