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Alcohol Names

For reasons I won't say right now I need names of additional alcohols that could be in the URealms universe so far I've got 3: Dwarven Forging Ale, Keen's Krazy Kocktail Koncoction, and my personal favorite Piña Kobolda. If you have suggestions please let me know.


  • There's probably a drink named after Pyroblast. It literally burns your insides.
  • White Snowboldian, Elven Effervescent Elderberry Elixer, Dingo Isles Rum, if those help :drunk: 
  • Well how could anyone forget the EXXXP Ale,.
  • If you want things based on random fantasy ales you can look at the Fantasy drinking Game Red Dragon Inn. If you want us to just come up with puns/references Done and Done.

    Already in Game:
    Exxxp Ale
    Porco Sangrio
    Winchester's Finest
    (I believe that's it though I may have missed some references. been a while for me since Murderbros and other drinking campaigns.)

    Off the top of my head:
    Yadka (Since Magicians have been pretty russian gotta give them Vodka. Ya of corse being a reference to Yes?)
    Gign(Gnomish Gin)
    BlackBoar's Backwash(Porc vomit is wine. Blackboar backwash is cheap wine.)
    Oozzo(Gotta distill those oozes.).
  • Elven "Mind Bomb" - Double damage with spells for this turn?
  • Although not Urealms I have a list for 100 tavern drinks for DnD, could be converted for Urealms. 
  • Dvergr Dvergr Ale Ale would be pretty funny.
  • Gra Vel-Vel, A dverg dverg drink, very rough, hard and dry drink. Makes the consumer take 5 less damage for the rest of combat if successful.
  • wait, do people grind for EXP
  • With the Willakers family now being canon, I'd imagine Bruce Juice exists in some form or another. My own ideas are Laniakean Wine, wine made by a very patient elf that managed to ferment dragon silver, Highbear Homebrew, extremely strong beer that can only be drunken by highbears and berserkers that have gone bearserk, and the Quintara Special Syrup, extremely overpriced box wine that gets sold in the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry gift shop.
  • Grizzly Ale (Put real hair on your body)
    BingoDingo Ale (Why get luck when you can drink it?)
    Brittle Wine (Finest wine, kobold style)
    Yam Wam (Catchy Shot names)
    Mizzon Rum (For those depressing times you wish to forget)

    Enjoy my cliché names.
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    - Porc Puke (you ain't exactly sure if its a beer or something else)
    - Abracadab Yes-ojito (a cocktail forcing you to say yes to every request)
    EDIT: As @Minion said "Yadka" (Wodka Yes) fits the meme of abracadab better.

    @snarkyslytherin Love the Dvergr Dvergr Ale Ale idea (even if you are not a dwarf it forces you to speak like a Dvergr Dvergr).
  • @Minion I love Yadka, I think its absolutely Hilarious.

    @snarkyslytherin the Dvergr Dvergr Ale Ale never fails to make me chuckle chucle.

    @shuckle I love the idea

    And for everyone else who contributed thank you so much for the help! I needed only a couple for something specific, but the rest I cant wait to use in a Tavern. Im on Mobile now and cant show the completed product but I will make a new post and tag those interested when I get to my pc.
  • @ZackZeysto @Timedagger100 why, thank you both both! 
  • @Milk Thank you for the list, it may not assist me for this specific project but I run a DnD 5e game for people and Alcohol types and prices have always been a pain, so thanks ~_~
  • Quintara Lotus' nectar. However since Quintara Lotus wouldn't give out her real nectar to drink it is an overpriced scam drink that is basically elven wine coloured orange. People swear by it though.
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