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Comedy vs Unintentional Comedy

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Looking back on the Urealms series thus far there are a bunch of well set up jokes but it kinda blew me away how many misunderstandings or gargled lines lead to me out of breath and dying over my keyboard, mostly from Coe. Whats your favorite accidental or obvious not meant to be funny but so F***ing is joke so far? 


  • titanium greatsword maybe, Coe in almost every character creation, invisible elevator to the top of the tower of ultimate wizardry.
  • One word: Yis
  • you know sometimes I feel like Coe isn't appreciated though

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • Definitely Bearo's bedtime story version of the birth of magic
  • Ive gotta go with Justin not being able to hear anyone and just saying "Yis yis yis" for over a half hour" 
  • The donkey death
  • The Phineas scene during The Sunswords where he made out with Bob, and then went to make the Ogre the leader, which caused the ogre to have a seizure.
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