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LF4M | ASAP | Messing around | Any, looking for people up at non-normal hours for me

I'm looking for anyone up any time from 10pm-8am US Central time. Wanting to just have people to mess around with initially and eventually make a casual game.


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    I'm up for it, GMT here, i'll have to get up for 4 am, but i could manage that! I'm assuming this on a weekend, so people arn't impacted as much when they go to work, right?
  • BST here, up for anything, my hours shift and change pretty frequently.
  • I'd love to join in as well. AWST is my timezone.
  • I'm free whenever today my time zone is GMT
  • I am free around that time most days
  • I would love to join, can do any time during the week
  • I would also like to join. My timezone is CST.
  • I'm starting the game in 1 hour, it's open to whoever gets there first. It will be named Messing Around in URealms. The password will be "rawb"
    Again, it's going to be mainly casual messing around initially, so if you want a real game right away don't join.
  • I do apologize if the way I'm doing this seems dismissive to anybody, but I'm doing it like this so I know who's just readily available at this time of night/day. I didnt want to just choose people and find out later their schedule is actually really inflexible.
  • I was the Chef Li Aussie guy you played with. Was fun.
  • I was Uitvlucht, the Dutch believer-who-thought-he-was-an-ageless-but-wasn't. Was fun exploring character creation and making those characters! 
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    It was nice playing with you two
  • And I was Fewcus, the guy with the (unfortunately) poor microphone, just to round things out. Nice playing with the rest of you.
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