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Custom Miscellaneous

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"Okay custom miscellaneous professor? This could be literally anything."

"Your right Phineas! Who knows what the old gods will do next!
Always gotta keep prepared by having a place to store anything
and everything they could possibly create."

"Gee like.. everything in here so random. This page looks like
the rules for a elven drinking game only much more morbid.
''If someone loses a limb, finish your drink! If someone dies finish your drink!"
Is this a joke?"

"I sure hope so!"



  • Rob
    edited May 2017

    Welcome to Custom Miscellaneous!
    This is a place for URealms resources that do not fit into other categories. Did you make a cool website that might help gamemasters? Did you invent a whole new inventory setup or tile design? You can submit anything here as long as it is in someway useful to gamemasters and players.

    Please note that if you would like to submit anything on this forum, you will need to submit it under the CC BY 4.0 License which means others can freely use and adapt your work as long as they provide a credit to you in their project. If you are not willing to submit your work here under this license, then do not submit it. Part of what makes this forum great is the ability to freely share amongst each other and so if you feel your work is too valuable to put it under this license, then do not submit it. Please copy this message at the bottom of your thread, failure to do this will result in your thread being deleted! 

    "This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"
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