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How to upload custom cards into TTS?

I can't for the life of me figure out a way to move custom cards made on the site into TTS. I'm also just not very tech savvy so that does not help my predicament much... Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • When on the table in TTS, there's an objects tab at the top, select components option in the drop down, select cards then used the appropriate URLs/Upload the images in the menu.
  • If you're on windows, or specifically windows 10, here's a step by step. Open File Explorer > This PC > Your C Drive > Steam library > steamapps > steamapps > common > Tabletop Simulator > locate the Modding folder > Deck Builder > TTS-deck-editor > create new deck, size 5x5 is close enough to actual card size, click add new cards, and then just place the cards from your downloads into the empty spaces. Make sure to leave at least spaces 24 and 25 blank, because i dont know, they just need to be. then export the deck to a place like imgur, and save the deck. After this, open TTS and go to components and hit the custom section. Then decks, of course. match the width and height to 5 and 5, and then click browse local files next to the face and back options. Select whatever you named your custom deck for the face, and a back for the back. It'll ask you what to upload the stuff to, choose cloud. wait for it to load. done.
  • Thanks both for your help! Both helped in finding a way to get it right. 5x5 dimensions saved me so thanks for the tip!
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