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When was the website Launched?

I was waiting for the video on robs channel, but I randomly checked and saw it was up. Just wondering


  • It just went public yesterday, the video should be coming soon!
  • I joined at 2:17 CST May 6th as the 64th account, so probably around 2:00
  • (Copied from this thread)
    Rob posted a link on the patreon only discord at 1:57 PM CST, so it was at least live before then.

    Registering was broken for a bit, but it appears the first non-buffalo wizard to register was PillowKeeper (#16) on May 5 at 9:54 PM CST, and the first after the link being posted was Jianu_Reeves (#21) at 2:06 PM CST.

    FYI, in the character urls, formatted like:
    You can replace the number with any other, and it will work. There needs to be the slash and some text, but it gets ignored- it doesn't need to be the actual name of the user with that ID.
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